Kid E Cats games

Kid E Cats games

You can play three cats online for free at any time, as the desire to communicate with cute fluffy heroes will arise. The younger sister, Caramel, is listening to her mother in everything, her elder brother Kompot is not reasoned by age, but because she likes to read. The average brother Korzhik is a real tomboy that you can't keep up with. He prefers sport to books, and is ready to chase the ball from morning to evening. In the presented fun to be vigilant and observant, because they are built mainly on the genre of collecting the puzzle and search for objects. Interesting, awesome stories are waiting for you.
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Kid E Cats games: fluffy and very cute

Kid E Cats games Where the kittens are always noisy, fun and unsafe. These tomboy in a rush of games forget about everything, and rush about like a fireball with an unpredictable trajectory. Free games three cats will acquaint you with such daredevils, and their name is:


  • Compote is the eldest of the trinity of kittens, and therefore the most balanced. He likes to read and solve puzzles, but at the same time he remains a great sweet tooth, and can eat delicacies in large quantities.
  • The shrub is average in seniority, and in contrast to his brother is very restless. His credo is sport, and therefore he plays football, badminton or something else with the same zeal. He is very active, restless and noisy.
  • Karamelka is their little sister, but she is already trying to command the brothers, imitating her mother. Mom and Dad of this naughty brotherhood is also present, and you can get to know them. Dad works in a factory for the production of sweets, and then at home is always full of treats.


Mom also specializes in sewing fashionable clothes for children, so the family turns out to be motley.

About the life of red-headed and baleen passers-by

Finding out which heroes are represented in the stories, you probably can't wait to play three cats for free. When it comes to felines, balls, mice and balls are immediately introduced. But our heroes prefer more complex entertainment, therefore you should get ready if you decide to join them.

Kid E Cats games It's time to examine the rubric in more detail in order to understand which directions are presented for passing.


  • Search or hide and seek
  • Puzzles
  • Pazly


Opening any three cats online games, you become complicit in the events that take place in the circle of a furry family. Only here you have to find out what was sent in the package to little Caramel. Surely you, like her, can’t wait to open the boxes more quickly, but this can only be done after you fold the whole picture. To do this, collect the pieces of the mosaic, and everyone who managed to find their place, kindles excitement and curiosity, what's in the package?

Kid E Cats games Similar actions are coming if you want to see the entire family in the collection at the common table. This time, dad brought new sweets, and everyone is eager to try them. There are so many colorful candies, spiral tubes, chocolate bars and cream that drools. But you should not hurry, only having patience, you will be able to add the picture completely, without missing a single detail.

Another interesting mosaic is connected with the garden works of the feline brethren. In their free time, they love to dig in the beds, planting all sorts of plants. How it looks, will show another puzzle after you collect it.

Continuing to have fun, in the process of playing three cats online for free by searching, have to find as many as 10 differences in just three minutes. At first it seems that the pictures are the same. But no, there was one discrepancy, then another, and if you take a closer look, you will find the rest of the dissimilarities. In this case, you need a keen eye, just like a cat, so train, and soon you will become almost your own.

Play kittens never get tired, and every time they come up with something new. And now they offer three cats to play games online, so that you can find the items they hide. They are listed at the bottom of the field, so you just have to understand where their brothers and sisters disguised them. In order to complicate the task, a certain time is allotted for the search, so we must act quickly. Imagine that you are a kitten too, and think about where you would hide all these things. With a good imagination and a trained look, it is not difficult, so act.

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