Zeke and Luther games

Zeke and Luther games

If you like sketchboarding just like the main characters of the Zeke and Luther games, you will like to play with them for free online. Choose who you want to control, and go to conquer the track at 10 km around the park. Be sure to collect the donuts so that at the finish line your score becomes greater than that of the opponent. Some can be obtained only by performing tricky tricks, so that the competition will be exciting and exciting. There is no difference in which of the guys you will reincarnate for the time of fun, because they have the same ability. Since they have long been familiar and friendly, they also train together, imitating each other.
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Zeke and Luther games online Zeke and Luther games online From 2009 to 2012, Disney's studio shot a series for teenagers about adolescents, their hobbies, experiences and other everyday activities. Now Zeke and Luther began to play it. In contrast to the series, which includes three seasons and 73 episodes, game products are only gaining momentum.

They will continue the main theme, where two friends can not live without skateboarding, and decided to become champions in this matter. Although everyone can boast of impressive personal achievements, and few will perform on the board better than them, there is constant competition between the young men.

Every day they prove to themselves, each other and others that they are able to surprise with new achievements. Of course, they have rivals who are not given peace of mind by other people's fame, and they are struggling to outdo others.

Time of acquaintance

Before opening the games Zeke and Luther, it is necessary to understand what kind of fifteen-year-old guys, who can not keep up with, are worth to get on skateboard.

  • The name of the real name is Ezekel Falconet. He strikes with skill, confidently holding on to the board, performing mind-blowing tricks and developing crazy speed on it. For a long time he believed that the first mastered the art of skateboarding, but it turned out that his friend Luther had outstripped him. His other predilection is a dried turkey, perhaps because he was born in a Japanese sushi bar.
  • Luther real name Lutisor Jerome Waffs. A little bit peculiar, however, it comes to his comic appearance, but on the skateboard he holds, like a god. In tandem with Zek, he got the role of"co-pilot", but he has nothing against it. The place of his birth was a cafe, so that friends are similar in this respect. Luther gently refers to her grandmother, mastered the language of gestures and holds a guinea pig house with a turtle. He also loves jokes, and once pretended to be an orphan before a rich family. He managed to so pity them that they gave him gifts, so as to somehow brighten up the life of the poor fellow. There are he and strangeness, he not only walks in a dream, but also imagines himself in this state as a cool DJ Pi, flawlessly reading rap. Both guys are the protagonists of the series and the games Zeke and Luther.
  • Jinger is the youngest 10-year-old sister of Zika, with whom he often has conflicts. In fact, she is a young talent in many directions: she makes progress in gymnastics, playing the flute, and just perfectly studies. This is a smart girl with adult reasoning, and it takes a lot of brother.
  • Cornelius named Kojo black skateboarder who thinks he has much better ownership of the board than Zeke and Luther. He also imagined himself irresistible, and wrote down all the girls' phones in the notebook.

V the pursuit of victory

Zeke and Luther games online Opening the Zeke and Luther section of the games, you will become one of the guys, choosing what you want to control in the upcoming race. They continue to compete even on the expanses of virtual space, which allows players to feel the excitement of the upcoming race.

In front of the huge park area opens, around which a special trough is stretched. It will become a route for friends who have wagered who will win this time.

However, during the games Zeke and Luther need not only to develop a great speed, but also to perform skillful tricks and not to miss air donuts that turn into gaming points. Naturally, the participant who finishes the account will win. You can choose any of the characters, because they have identical skills.

There are other directions, and you can study them in detail, opening one after another the proposed games.

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