Wallykazam games

Wallykazam games

If it's time to learn, this will help online games Wallykazam, which can be played for free. This is a game project for the youngest gamers, helping to acquire useful skills and learn something new. With a nice troll and his friends: Norville, Gene, Bodgobin and Libby, there are many pleasant adventures. You will collect berries and fruits, look for differences, numbers and whole words. Collect the image in pieces to restore the torn photo of friends. And you can colorize the pictures so that they again become bright and beautiful, using a color virtual palette.
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Educational Wallykazam games online

Wallykazam games online Parents never stop searching for new ideas for the development of their child. I want, that the picked up material was fascinating and useful, and also a novelty for the kid. Although children like to communicate with long-time cartoon friends, they even more delight when they meet new characters.

Wallykazam games online Methodical literature, toys, books are all good, but computer games have special magic. In them, children can play without interruption, if adults do not control the process. By offering Wallykazam games to your attention, the developers took into account that the tasks should correspond to the young preschool age, and not be delayed.

The proposed game product has remained in the original form in English, so that in addition to the basic missions, you will receive additional knowledge. Children easily remember science, if it is presented in an easy, fascinating form.

On the world of the games Wallykazam, players will get acquainted with the lovely trolley Wally and his kind and pretty dragon Norville. He also has friends: Giant Jean, naughty Bodgobin and Libby. In their cheerful company you will go for adventures, from which each will bring a lot of useful.

Now, there is no need to force the child to learn new concepts and letters for him, adding them to words. After acquaintance with fairy-tale characters, it is enough to communicate with them, and knowledge itself will imperceptibly stick. To do this, you just need to jump, run, mischief and perform tasks.

Magic Fun

Everything happens under vigorous comments of a restless troll.

Each plot of the games Wallykazam poses a new challenge for small players:

  • Fold the picture
  • Cleaning fruits
  • Search keywords
  • Draw out the album
  • Dismain differences
  • Discover the numbers Before he goes to the next mission, he tells a small story, and only then he calls for himself.

Once he decided to prepare berries and fruits, then to make from them compote, jam, jam, yogurt. And since he likes to treat friends with treats, he needs a lot of vitamins. When the ripe fruit was brought to the kitchen, someone overturned the bowls, and the crop was scattered on the floor, the table and the shelves. It is necessary to pick them up urgently, until the dragon crushed with its large paws.

Wallykazam games online Help the troll to jump through the levels, collecting cherries, oranges, blueberries, raspberries, kiwi and strawberries. And when an obstacle appears before him, through which it is difficult for him to move, he will wave his magic wand and utter a magic word to the Valicians. At the same moment, a flying sandwich or broccoli will appear, in order to send the baby to wherever he needs.

Now let's open the story of another Wallykazam games, and show our new friend how clever you are at playing hide and seek. Only now you have to drive, but you need to look for numbers. They hid in different places in the picture, but if you arm yourself with a magnifying glass, you can easily find everything.

Searching for differences is also fun, and with a new level of fun it becomes more difficult. In the pictures the friends of the main character froze, which are interesting to consider. Another useful and addictive puzzle toy.

Having gathered all the pieces correctly, you will help the troll to restore the photograph on which it is depicted with the beloved dragon. Naturally, Wallykazam games did not forget about coloring. All children like to do this, so you will have a pleasant pastime for your favorite creative activity.

There was another important task to explore the map of the city, to collect all the bones in the sky, then to find all the words so that they occupied five cells on the playing field. There are several levels, and each little bit more complicated.

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