Lost In Nowhere Land games

Lost In Nowhere Land games

We present to you the wonderful adventure games Lost In Nowhere Land, which is nice to play online and completely free. The main character is called Jack, and he is a researcher of distant lands. While traveling he constantly gets into trouble, but since you are near, there is no doubt that all the riddles will be solved. Collect items and look for where to use them, because this is the key to further success. Only by completing the tasks at the current stage, you can move on. There are a lot of adventures and funny meetings ahead, so include logic and attentiveness.
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Adventure Games: Lost In Nowhere Land

Lost In Nowhere Land games We are sure that everyone who has looked into the Lost In Unknown Lands section of the game has an irrepressible thirst for travel in his soul. Wandering around the world in order to find treasures or ancient cities that can be more attractive for a true adventurer? We understand your craving for adventure, and therefore decided to introduce you to the same restless wanderer.

Meet Jack!

A brave and brave young man became famous as a researcher in various spheres of life. But most of all he is interested in riddles and antiquities, so he is always on suitcases, ready to rush at any moment to where they have found something unique.
Neither a thunderbolt, an earthquake, nor a volcanic eruption can stop him. In the first part it is clearly visible, because while electric discharges are torn in the sky, and the shower erases the clear outlines of objects, he still says goodbye to his grandfather, and hurries to the airport. As was to be expected, the control in the plane failed, but as an experienced traveler, Jack is ready for any situations.
And now, together with a friend and a parachute behind him, he stepped onto the wing of a steel bird, and fearlessly jumped down. Unfortunately, the wind took him far away from the intended landing site, so he will have to get there in a different way, and his partner has gone somewhere. This plot of the game Lost in Unknown Lands will begin the journey through the islands, and you will be accompanied by a resourceful Jack.

How to play?

Game products presented in the rubric include several directions simultaneously:

  • Quests
  • Searching for items
  • Puzzles
  • Escape

Lost In Nowhere Land games Lost In Nowhere Land games This makes the fun really interesting, fun, original. Accompanying the hero in each new game version, players will have to show the logic of thinking, patience and the ability to get out of difficult situations with dignity.
Games Lost in Unknown Lands will help you to train observation and quick wit, because you have to collect a lot of items, and then find a use for them. Already in the first part, being on an unknown island, Jack must pick up the objects scattered during the landing. Once you find the active object, click on it, and it will go to a special cell. If the artifact is to be applied, simply drag it where it should.
In the course of the study, you will see several riddles that need to be solved, and studying the island and your sharp mind will help. Having coped with the first level, you will be able to go deep into the temple, and learn about new secrets and advance in the search for a friend.
Games Lost in unknown lands continue their adventures in several series, so that long-lasting pleasure is guaranteed. Of course, it’s sad that Jack’s friend is still listed as missing, but following his tracks, solving puzzles and looking into all nooks, you’ll definitely find him.
It is also necessary to communicate with the local population. But in order to understand the dialogue, one must speak English, and this is an excellent reason to tighten one's own knowledge, and also to test in practice the existing ones.
Sometimes the hero will meet unusual animals, and everyone wants something from him. Only the field of how desire will be satisfied will open a further path. Opening the game Lost in unknown lands, get ready for this ordeal. You will meet with pirates, and when you find yourself trapped escape from it. Every time you need to carefully examine the territory, collect useful items, and with their help move to a new round of gameplay.

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