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Mysticons Games

In the country of Jemin, the city of Drake City, there are four friends: Arkiyana, En, Piper and Zaria. They are real wizards and brave warriors who fight with Dredban, who wants to resurrect the evil queen Nekraf. To help them in the fulfillment of the mission, it is necessary to play free games for online games Mystics. Heroines train a lot to prevent the implementation of their enemy's plans, and your participation will help them a lot. For this, the heading provides fun for agility, reaction and strength. You will also need a wit and a good sense of style when deciding to dress up the girls.
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Mysticons Games

Mysticons Games Mysticons Games At the end of August 2017 young spectators received as a gift another magic animated series. His creation was dealt with by the Nelvana Limited studio, and the authorship of the idea belongs to Sean Hara. After a short time, the players appeared Mysticons, opening the door to a new world where magic reigns and there is always a place for heroism.
Before the premiere of the cinematographic product, the creators established a special channel for YouTub, where the advertising company was held. When the project turns out to be successful, it invariably leads to the fact that, based on its motives, the accompanying goods are produced. So it happened this time. Already in October gamers were pleased with the browser game"Parkour Piper", and after a couple of weeks came free versions of the game Mystics for Android and iOS. Well, an elegant stroke of steel toys, presented in December of the same year.

Where in the mysterious country Gemina

Everyone knows the parallel worlds, but not everyone knows how to find the way there. Yes, and the occupation is dangerous, because some are disposed to us unfriendly. Who knows where the secret door will open, and will the found world of an occasional guest let go back home?

In this story, you will travel to the country of Gemina, more precisely to the city of Drake City. This is a truly beautiful place, and once in it, you will meet four friends. Although they are interested in the same questions as ordinary teenagers, they are brave warriors of the Mysticons, personifying the power of the Dragon Disc.

Without them, Gemina can not stand against the crafty Dredban, who is pursuing the goal of bringing back to the life of Queen Nekraf the true leader of Evil. Although she died a hundred years ago, Dredbana does not stop this, because the true evil lives forever, and waits for a convenient moment to throw off the shackles of sleep.
To deal with it, the girls have to find the legendary books with a collection of powerful spells. These volumes represent the Mystical Code, from where sorceresses derive wisdom and strength.
Let's get acquainted with the heroines of the game Mystics closer:

  • Arkana (Arkiyana Gudfey) is not just the leader of the brave four, but also the princess Gemina. Its strength is in the green flame, but it protects its powerful field that surrounds it. Her pet is griffon Izi, and the sign of the magical power of the dragon.
  • Zaniya Munvolf, although the orphan herself, has not lost the ability to sympathize with others, and often helps the unfortunate. Her color is blue, she prefers magical arrows, a Griffon Archer pet, and a wolf.
  • Em Goldbride in the group she is a knight-magician and the heart of the team. If necessary, she covers herself and her friends with a protective purple field, although at certain moments it can become pink. Pet Em griffin Topaz, and a sign of strength unicorn.
  • Piper Willoughbrook is an elf, and in the group is a mentor-mystic. She has no relatives except girlfriends, especially she is friendly with Zaria, with whom she likes to help the needy. Its color is blue with yellow, it uses a boomerang and explosive spheres as a weapon. A pet is Griffon Paisley, and a sign of strength is a phoenix.

Selecting game directions

Mysticons Games Mysticons Games The choice of the plot of the game Mysticons is big enough to spend a few pleasant evenings in the society of fairy girls.

  • Clothes
  • Wrappers
  • In the logic
  • Powers
  • Parkur
  • On dexterity, speed and attentiveness

Games of the Mysticons are represented in a variety, so that everyone finds a direction to their liking. Someone prefers more active pursuits, the other is closer to solving puzzles. Perhaps you will immediately start training with one of the heroines or help each with outfits. The choice is great, and soon it will become even more, because the young project always has prospects.

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