Play Sherlock Gnomes online for free, no registration

Play Sherlock Gnomes online for free, no registration

A fun full-length cartoon has formed the basis of the online game Sherlock Gnomes, and we offer to play for free, becoming on time detective. Gnomeo and Juliet arrived in London to equip the garden, and did not expect a certain maniac to steal garden gnomes. The number of victims is increasing, and the thieves have already reached our heroes. Sherlock Gnomes and Watson are rushing to the rescue. They are masters of detective work. With your help, they will quickly find the loss, but at the same time perform several interesting cases. How about you create greeting cards yourself or practice mindfulness?
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Detective games Sherlock Gnomes

Play Sherlock Gnomes online for free, without registration, Sherlock Gnomes Games on Game-Game At the beginning of spring 2018 a full-length cartoon appeared on the screens, and after a few days, Sherlock Gnomes games appeared based on it. The cinematographic product was a continuation of the first part of 2011, and therefore with a bang was perceived by the audience.

The excitement arose long before the premiere, when it became known that it was directed by John Stevenson, who also worked on the cartoon Kung Fu Panda. Also, interest was fueled by the cast as a voice acting: Johnny Depp, Emily Blunt, James McAvoy, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Michael Caine, Stephen Merchant and a number of other famous people. In addition, the composer invited Elton John.

What happened in London?

The story of the Sherlock Gnomes game, as in the original, develops on the streets of London, where the main characters arrived along with family members and all friends. First of all, it is worth presenting the main actors:

  • Gnomeo
  • Juliet
  • Sherlock Gnomes
  • Watson

Gnomeo with Juliet is a couple of dwarfs who planned to devote themselves to cleaning and arranging a garden at a new place, preparing it for warm spring days. Everything would have happened if there had not been a dangerous criminal in the capital stealing garden gnomes.

Several houses have already suffered, but the loss continued. Even our heroes thieves managed to snitch a few copies. It was no longer possible to wait, and they turned for help to glorious detective Sherlock and his equally glorious assistant Watson. Although misunderstandings and conflicts constantly arise between partners, only together they will find and neutralize the gang. And how do they do it, offer their version of the game Sherlock Gnoms.

We are investigating the game rubric

Play Sherlock Gnomes online for free, without registration, Sherlock Gnomes Games on Game-Game Play Sherlock Gnomes online for free, without registration, Sherlock Gnomes Games on Game-Game Although experienced detectives themselves are able to cope with complex tasks, your help will not interfere. Your watchful eyes you have to help them find a lot of evidence, discard too much, and reveal the truth.
Sherlock Gnomes games are built on the idea of ​​a search, and you have to:

  • Distinction
  • Open the same picture
  • Explore garden
  • Create Postcards

Probably you already know how to work with such directions, and therefore there will be no surprises. Look at the cards and memorize their images. Now, when they turned away, try to remember their location and open the same, standing in different places of the site. At another time, players will have to wait for more complicated matters, but that is as it should be. Now, in order to solve a crime, it is necessary with the help of a magnifying glass to study the pictures and find details on one of them that are not found in other images. As soon as you pass the current round, the next one will open. Not deprived of the heroes of the game Sherlock Gnoms and romance. Before the feast of St. Valentine during the tea party Gnomeo and Sherlock decided to create greeting cards on their own. They liked the idea so much that they offer you to try your hand. Design it beautifully, add a caption and save. Now you can give it to someone or someone you like.

A now open the plot of the Sherlock Gnoms game in which the famous detective will demonstrate his deductive methods in practice. Since the disappearance of the garden gnomes was the reason for the investigation, this is now to be addressed. Look in the ribbon on the screen, who will find, and get to work. Sometimes, because of the bushes, the tips of the caps of the gnomes are shown, and as soon as you notice them, click, and the found exhibit will paint the gray icon in the ribbon with colors. Thus, it is necessary to find everyone, but it is not always easy. Carefully study the area so that no detail escapes the attentive eye.

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