The two wings games

The two wings games

As you do not know about the free online game The two wings? This omission must be corrected immediately, and play stories about a couple that travels through the fabulous worlds in search of magical artifacts. Only together they will cope with obstacles and dangers will not be frightened. It is best to play it together, but the lone player on the right, if the time to switch between characters. The heroes are endowed with strength, and given them engage in their own situation. Sometimes it is necessary to work together – until one character uses a lever, the second raised platform and picks up a coin or a crystal.

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Exciting game two wings

The two wings games The virtual world is not faceless. It is inhabited by millions of users who can simultaneously be in the same place and pass one game independently. But only the most popular products receive such benefits. Competition surreal space grows, software companies offer more and more of their products. Now a single game does not surprise anyone, and more and more users prefer to share the fun for two. Such toys created a lot, and they continue to grow their numbers. Gamers, getting unlimited access to the universe of the Internet, are particularly demanding of the story, the gameplay, the image quality special effects. What surprises once, it is now out of date. It took time for solitude personal computer, when those who are not addicted to a novel method for hanging out, accused people are leaving the real world.

Now it is the time multiplayer games and the ones that allow you to play in a pair with a friend or relative. Examples of such toys and many do not list all, but now we want to focus on the players in the game for two two wings. This product is already a bit like the much-talked about coal fire and droplet. Those characters that come to the fore in this proposal are somewhat similar in appearance and method of movement within the locations of previous heroes. They also manages just two players, using the arrow keys and the letters WASD. The best part is that, without a close one who was able to share with you this exciting journey, you can work quite independently with the characters.

The game is filled with adventure worthy of Indiana Jones and Lara Craft. You must:

  • spend heroes underground labyrinths in search of treasure
  • to help them overcome all the dangers on the road
  • to avoid the pitfalls  
  • apply in practice the power of the mind and logic

art reciprocity

The two wings games The two wings games Mutual aid and team spirit will be the key to success in the passage of numerous levels. Terms of the game two wings for two is not new, and repeat the hackneyed tricks, but still leaves a feeling of novelty experiences. Before you open new locations and opportunities. Already at the beginning of the first unpleasant surprises await in the form of sharp spikes. But nothing is impossible if to think and make the right decision. Here is a wooden box, which is easy to budge. Pushing, you have to reset it razverzshuyusya abyss, strewn with sharp needles. Now you can easily cross to the other side. But this is only the beginning and will continue to become more and more difficult. Sometimes the need to force the two to perform a certain action. We'll have to go down the stairs down, not even knowing what awaits you there. And once on the top step of the site, you have to find a way to pick up the gems below.

Another danger that lies in wait for the players – the death of one party will result in the loss. It is the mutual assistance designed game two wings. It's like in life, when the fate of one man depends on the actions and skill of the other. No wonder they say that this man I would have gone (or not) to investigate. If you are confident in a partner, no enemies are not afraid. But if it is a wormhole or not he is smart enough, the expedition will end. Opening the game, you will find it gambling, pleasant appearance and full of specific sounds and music that are elegantly emphasize the story and give the process the necessary attitude. But if you are not alone in the apartment and did not want to disturb the others deal with their affairs, just turn off the sound.

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