Lego The Hobbit games online

Lego The Hobbit games online

from the works of Tolkien, you already know that hobbits – this brave people, and play in their company you exactly like it. Together, you go down to the dungeon where the evil goblins live and deal with them to get valuable artifact. And will take a tour through the maze in search of treasure, making the enemy step by step alternate motion. A more interesting free online game Lego Hobbit, where the tavern you will receive visitors and offer them food, trying to get rid of annoying mouse, carrying plates of food.

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The extraordinary world of Tolkien

Lego The Hobbit games online Lego The Hobbit games online Game Lego Hobbit is based on the works of Tolkien and each tells a new story full of adventure, the search for jobs and sometimes of the quests. The colorful world of Lego continues to amaze extraordinary approach to gameplay, bringing a new idea and a spark that ignited the flame of unbridled curiosity. Never before has the players to test themselves in one of the adventures have not given up the possibility to continue the acquaintance with other events and scenes. Each next sentence lurk opportunities to show heroic skills, agility, intelligence and logic.

Legoland – a world of designer, but it is so vast that houses the whole fantastic country and city come to life in incredible events. Lego The Hobbit game offers a trek on the colorful and surround locations that are constantly transformed, modified, making the next move difficult. In search of dwarves and hobbits and their treasures and pair of cards, you have to make progress alternately with the enemy, trying to win the next round, opening the same image. Each card brings a certain amount of points, but more importantly, to find a second, repeating the first illustration. Thrown dice shows the number of steps and watch measure time allotted for the game. Find pairs of pictures is not easy, but it pleases the understanding that your opponent is in a similar situation and also experiencing similar difficulties. Well, the result will show who proved far-sighted and was able to win this difficult match. Do not be surprised if the next process of the game Lego Hobbit will throw you into a dark cave goblins.

The carved characters of the game Lego Hobbit

Lego The Hobbit games online Your hero – intrepid magician Gandalf, who is fluent in magic and is able to stand up for themselves, destroying the power of his wand skeletons, evil goblins, and huge trolls. He bravely crosses the room dungeon, collect bonuses and fighting with nasty monsters. He will make its way among the buildings, climbing the stairs to pick up another artifact overcome lava lakes and deep dips. In order not to fall into the trap, it is necessary to use their magical powers, and sometimes just jump over the barrier to avoid wasting power. By controlling the keyboard and mouse, you will pass all the levels and reach your goal. You will enjoy incredible adventure in the Golden Garden, shrouded in mysterious events and creatures, and lots of puzzles will not allow to relax and cool off in the gameplay.

The main hero – small Hobbit, wade through the maze of caves large castle. His path is dangerous and difficult, and the space is filled with horrible creatures, but gold coins, which should be chosen, will brighten his journey. Being brave and agile, spend a hero in all nooks and crannies and find out all the tests together. Easy to operate only help you cope with all tasks and win a well-deserved victory. And for those gamers who like to greet guests, be sure to like the look Hobbit Lego games in which they will manage the restaurant and entertain all who have come delicious. At the bottom of the playing field you see a set of products, and when the guest in the cloud will show his wish, choose from the menu the desired product and put it in front of him on a plate. But suddenly there is a mouse, and runs on the table, stealing food from visitors. To get rid of it, take the fish and try to click on the small animal treats. Only if you get into it, it will disappear and leave the table for a while alone.

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