Lego Pirates of the Caribbean games online

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean games online

If you still do not play the free games Lego Pirates of the Caribbean, you do not know the real adventure! Only under the leadership of Jack Sparrow's Black Pearl ship will pass the most dangerous areas of the sea, and the team will fight with all the monsters imaginable, are represented in the four series of the film. To join the pirates, stories run and play online. Now no one can say that you do not smelled gunpowder and watched the horror in her eyes. But are you ready for such tests? Only in the case revealed the real daredevils.

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Lego Pirates of the Caribbean games online Lego Pirates of the Caribbean games online In recent years, the theme of pirates returned again in literature and film, taking with him and the virtual gaming world. Today, it is particularly suited creatively, creating an image of reckless pirates seafarers who are afraid of nothing and sometimes manifest themselves with the heroic and even gentlemanly side. Thank you for such a success with the public must be said of the film series « Pirates of the Caribbean », where the role of Jack Sparrow – captain « Black Pearl » It was given to Johnny Depp, who beat so perfectly charismatic image. Each new series is expected with a special look and advance is made on the « bang », and while we are in this tremulous state, the game Lego Pirates of the Caribbean will brighten up our leisure time, and went to an incredible adventure in distant and mysterious shores of the lost island with treasure.

If you wrinkle themselves adventurers who reckless with us you exactly Po Road. Game Pirates of the Caribbean Lego quest of treasure, is now a dangerous adventure, but promising wealth in each of the four islands. Lego Jack conducts excavations in each territory in turn, trying to dig up the treasure. But in addition to jewelry, there are also buried mines and certainly explode if you plucked them. It is necessary to calculate every move, solving complex puzzles, and a level will only be considered as passed, when in your pocket will be rattled all collected coins.

Games Lego Pirates of the Caribbean full of adventure

Going to the next voyage to distant lands, you never know to what shore to be assayed and that awaits you there. Legend has it that in some waters are inhabited by a siren lure ships onto the reefs, so they broke and drowned. It looks like the game Lego Pirates of the Caribbean were no exception and the Mermaids song we decided to tell and show clearly that myth. Beautiful virgins with fish tails brought his love song, depriving the pirates will and dragging them to the seafloor. The brave seafarers, like a zombie, forget about everything and move towards the dangerous depths to drown and not fulfilling its mission. Your task is to help them get rid of the infestation. When out of the water showing hordes of mermaids, direct beam of a lighthouse on them to make them disappear. At first they did a bit, but soon they obnagleyut and emerge whole army, so you have to work a lot. Try to save the team, that no one sailor was killed under the sweet warbling sea creatures.

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean games online And in the game Pirates of the Caribbean Lego apt core gameplay resembles a child's play ball when the two are thrown their hands. Only now before us formidable pirates who hurl cannonballs hands. Why not shoot a gun? This history is silent, but so much more fun to play. One character is standing on the deck of the ship, and the second on a pier leading her steam war. Sometimes they interfere in the boxes that are installed on the quay at each other and for better sight because it would be appropriate to bring down a couple to open a review. The arrow shows you the direction, and if properly hover goal can sink an enemy ship. We hope that you get it faster than your opponent. Throws are made at a time, so hurry especially unnecessary. We all know how the pirates know how to have fun. Lego Pirates during the game you can take part in their revelry and dance pirate dance that and come up with themselves:  

  • First, you have to make a simple melody,
  • and then pick up some provocative movements,
  • When you are ready, click on the play and watch the movements of your pirate.
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