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For many people, the feeling of fear is extremely attractive; it gives an additional dose of adrenaline and paints life in brighter colors. Everyone chooses their own path and decides how exactly they will receive it, depending on their taste. These could be extreme sports or entertainment products in the horror genre. The latter is becoming more and more popular every year and a series of games called Forgotten Hill has become an undoubted hit.

A small town called Forgotten Hill is located far from popular routes and even if you try to find it on the map, you will fail. Nevertheless, travelers quite often end up there; an unknown force literally attracts them, like an open flame of moths. The place can amaze you from the first minutes, because here the atmosphere of horror is literally in the air and strange buildings, gloomy and rickety, only add to the ambience. As soon as you cross the borders of the settlement, strange things will begin to happen to you. Here you should not rely on your memory, because it will not throw up real memories, but inspired images. Peaceful sleep will give way to nightmares, and you yourself will become toys for local residents, who are somewhere between mentally ill and possessed by demons.

Each of the Forgotten Hill characters plays a unique and incredibly important plot role and you should not let your guard down, even if you end up in the old lady's house. Moreover, you should not accept cookies from her, because after that you will be plunged into a new reality in which you will have only one goal - to survive. It is advisable to not go crazy at the same time.

For the most part, couples who just wanted to go on a trip end up here, but as a result the girl disappears in an unknown direction, and the young man needs to find her. Your heroes may find themselves in a clinic where an insane surgeon, with the assistance of creepy nurses, is conducting experiments on the human body in an attempt to create a new form of life. Also, in one of the inconspicuous houses there lives a puppeteer, and his toys are not actually cute toys, but those unwary travelers who allowed themselves to relax in his presence. A kind grandfather who is trying to protect his grandson from a monster living in the forest is himself a creature of evil.

It’s worth moving around locations with a weapon at the ready so that you can use it at any time. Here you will not have assistants or friends, so open fire without hesitation and look for a way to get out of Forgotten Hill. This can only be done through ingenuity and attentiveness. Only by solving all the mysteries of this place will you be able to see the road leading to a normal and familiar world. Collect all the objects that come your way, solve codes and open hiding places.

Gloomy music will accompany you throughout the entire time. Combined with special sound effects, visual content and excellent graphics, you are guaranteed maximum immersion in the atmosphere of horror.

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