Flying Games

Flying Games

Flying Games - you can fly in a dream, or you can open games and play them with scope and variety. You will easily become a bird, and you will catch the wind with your own wings. Experience the delight of flying on the wings of a hang glider. Fly a kite or model airplane. We have sports and combat aircraft, as well as space rockets and fabulous air assets. Boost can be set by using a catapult or jumping on a trampoline. Skydive and try to glide in a circle on the ground, because this is your target. And spray the compound from a helicopter to put out the fire.

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Flying games - feel yourself soaring

Flying Games - Play Flying Games for free on Game-Game

The human has long fulfilled his dream of flying, but is still looking for new ways to rise above the ground. Flying games are an alternative to real soaring, and accessible to everyone. Here everyone can become a pilot of an aircraft or turn into a bird in order to fly through the space above the ground on their own wings.

We have enough options for playing flying games online so that you can enjoy the old dream of mankind.

  • Pilot planes, helicopters and space rockets
  • Skydive
  • Soar on the wings of a hang glider
  • Use the catapult
  • Transform into a creature with wings
  • Experience flying with a powerful booster

Born to walk, wants to fly too

Flying Games - Play Flying Games for free on Game-Game

Flying Games - Play Flying Games for free on Game-Game Not all birds can fly, even if they have wings, such as penguins, chickens and representatives of the "angry birds". But they also want to experience the joy of flying. So they come up with ways to fly upward. Angry Birds very successfully use a slingshot for this. Each bird becomes a shell when its friends give it a boost with this device. And the penguins pissed off the Yeti, and now he throws them into the air with a bat.

Even animals that should only walk on the ground have adapted to fly. Neighbors bears use a catapult for this, but they need it in order to see from a flight height whether a woodcutter has crept up to their forest with his sharp ax.

People do not lag behind such activities as jumping on a trampoline, springboard or using a catapult, you can experience the joy of a short-term flight, and have time to collect bonus items in the air during the jump.

We continue to play flying games online and take off into space with super heroes to help them stop a comet falling on Earth or repel an alien attack. But the dragons love to attack the villagers themselves , and you can control these legendary predators during their strafing. Or set off to conquer the stars together with the first space dogs Belka and Strelka.

Of course, we also have flying games on airplanes, because this is the first thing the boys pay attention to in this heading. We have fighter jets and passenger airliners. By driving military equipment, you need to complete a reconnaissance mission and drop bombs on the enemy, as well as escape from his fire.

Flying Games - Play Flying Games for free on Game-Game

Flying Games - Play Flying Games for free on Game-GameIt’s also responsible to fly a civil aircraft, because the safety of many passengers is on you. It will not be easy to hold a heavy machine, if the weather turns bad, you get into a snowfall, a thunderstorm or a storm.

You have to put out fires, take out the wounded, rescue people from dangerous hotbeds, spray fertilizers, and even fight on helicopters. You can also first deliver the helicopter to the desired point, and then switch to a parachutist and jump to the designated location, fighting in the air with the wind that is trying to blow you away.

Flying games issue everyone a pilot license

Anyone can become a pilot of any aircraft. And even more, you can fly as a fairy, a pegasus, a small bird, a bee, a winged pony, because there are free flying games in front of you. In addition to the flight, each game has its own additional task, and this turns the gameplay into an exciting show. Imagine yourself simultaneously avoiding crossfire, aiming for some artifact, afraid of getting hit by an asteroid debris, and trying to shoot as many enemy units as possible. And this is needed for game points and a new record. And if you play together, you are guaranteed excitement and delight. You may not believe this, just try it yourself.

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