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Another newfound superhero waiting for your help in Blowman game. Our character does not look as elegant as slender athletic superman, wearing metal armor Iron Man or Batman elegant, but his mission is no less responsible and dangerous. Bloumen or Inflated man looks like a round white bowl with a flowing red cloak behind. It's a bit awkward due to its impressive weight and ridiculous appearance, but this does not prevent him resolute and courageous character. When his hometown has become a danger, the hero did not hesitate got to protect, and the threat is very serious - attack the evil red beans. They occupied the city quietly, sitting on the roofs of houses and we intend to seize territory and citizens to drive in the best case. It's time to step into the game and help Blowman super hero. To reach the enemy fighters legumes, it is necessary to fly from roof to roof and land right on the bean to reset it and thus get rid of. Bloumen inflates fat cheeks to the volume of the cloak to make a parachute, it will help him to survive in the air, but it all depends on you. The longer you hold the mouse button, the farther fly hero. You need to accurately calculate the distance, so he did not miss, do not hit the wall, or simply fell into the gaps between the buildings. Remember, everything is in your own hands: the life of the brave and the fate of an entire city with many inhabitants. Beans do not expect such an attack, they are confident in their impunity and quietly sticking on the tops of buildings in anticipation of the team. Game Blowman not only entertain you, it can help you learn to more accurately determine the distance to an object, to assess the situation and make decisions. Despite its apparent simplicity, the toy will bring you a favor and help funny character, you do feel like a hero and savior of the innocent people. Play on mobile devices, take the game with them and raise not only mood but also self-esteem.
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