Doctor games

Doctor games

I'm sure you will enjoy free games online doctor, where people and animals have come to see a doctor. Each has its own problem to treat teeth, sew up the wound, a shot, and someone needs an operation. Of course, playing games and to be a real doctor – are two different things, but even the gameplay will provide some knowledge about the body and what happens to him in trouble. Among patients there are also some celebrity or monsters. Help needed even such creatures as minions, and a lack of subjects in this category do not have.

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Doctor by Category:

Doctor games Doctor games

All the doctors gave the Hippocratic Oath, which will not cause harm, will help get rid of those who suffer from ailments and pains, to be empathetic.

Virtual Clinic Doctor games

Now you are in a white coat and are free to put their experiments on patients. Once in the hospital, you will take the patients who lined up in the queue. Something too many of them, probably, again woke up the epidemic. Well, nothing, is now quickly diagnosed and recognize whom hospitalized, and to whom and for training would not hurt to go back. We have to work quickly, as the doctors in the clinic is small, and people are coming. Look, there are some already held on the last breath – their scale of health hazardous fell to the red mark.

Romance medical staff

The doctors and nurses are human beings like you and me. They live a normal life, and nothing human passes them by. Of course, start a romance at work is not recommended, but what if the feeling has fallen on his head suddenly and ruthlessly? If we decide on office romance, do not open it. Want to patients and the authorities saw too? Be modest and distracted from their favorite for a while.

Think of your medicine

You go to the lab, where you can create your own cure for all diseases. And if it is also a treat, then you make a breakthrough, and the world will fall at your feet. In the same laboratory can study the virus under a microscope and determine what kind of illness. Microbiology – One of the leading trends in medicine and now you have joined it.

Doctor games

A virtual operating system

pills, injections – all this is quite simple. Here the surgeon – yes, it is force! He is a true professional, and helps people restore their health. You want to work out? Then welcome to the game to do the operation.

To begin grasp something simpler:

  • Eye Microsurgery;
  • a heart transplant;
  • plastic.  

Of course, we joked. Simply – it to treat fractured limbs, sew up the wound.

Veterinary Medicine – Medicine, too,

In general, surgery is not for the faint of heart, and if you are afraid of blood, better treat rabbits, birds, puppies and hamsters. They, too, need help and why not become a veterinarian and does not benefit our younger brothers? This is also a honorable and interesting.

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