Three heroes games

Three heroes games

In whatever direction you go, you find all free online games Three heroes. Three young man not deprived silushkoy and enemies that lurk around every stone to attack our heroes. Looks like our heroes have angered all the forces of the enemy, what is the militia they suddenly rose. Olezhka Popovich only manages that reflect the villains attack, but would not tired to swing a club. Dragon also grazed nearby and is always happy to try their luck to destroy the heroes. To become the fourth hero, you have to play side by side with Ilya, and Olezhka Dobrynia.

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good youth in the protection of their native land

Three heroes games Three heroes games At a time when Western authors create puny superheroes, able to destroy enemies fantastic abilities and super weapons, Russian legends and fables invent mighty warriors who hit article muscles even on the neck and fingers, is easily bent horseshoe. If supermen fighting the enemies quite clear, then, for domestic heroes prepared fabulous villains hiding under the guise of their objectionable personalities people – so safe and secure. Russian heroes are doomed to fight the three-headed dragon, Baba Yaga, Koshcheev Immortal, frights and Leshim. If there is in the state of important cases, they can lie on the oven thirty-three years, as Ilya Muromets, but because suddenly get up, grab a sword and go hack to the invaders. And where power come from? After all, did not visit the gym, weights with barbells not compete, even in the army are not served. The mystery to this date has not been solved, but the popularity of the legendary stalwart is still not diminished, as evidenced by the game Three heroes.

During the Soviet era, making movies and creating cartoons about these characters, the plot tried to lay the cautionary notes, to-date for the upbringing of the younger generation of that time. Today's cinema and the computer world over seeks to entertain the audience, bringing more humor in the stories. Game Three heroes and Shamahanskaya queen has managed to conquer the players a fun turn of events, where several authors have moved away from the original theme, but it gave the effect of novelty. Before you all the same heroes:

  • Nikitich,  
  • Alyosha Popovich,
  • Ilya Muromets.

But now they have a special enemy – regal beauty who invaded the Russian land. They will have to cope with many tasks, run errands, play « three in a row », to meet the Chinese emperor, go to medieval England, and to find Robin Hood, to go to hell, and even escape from paradise. Remaining faithful to friendship, they will do all that is provided in the game, and your help will be very useful.

Other versions of the game Three heroes

Three heroes games For the young players have the coloring on the plot where the children know the main characters. In 2012, they released another full-length fun humorously-adventure cartoon, based on which have been created and the game Three heroes on distant shores. Three brave young man became hostages of fate and the island, located off the seven seas, thanks to the pernicious Baba Yaga. The island is inhabited by natives and dangerous Gomuma til heroes tan in the sun, Yaga with merchant Kolyvanov decided to seize power, selecting it from the prince. But his aides are in the face of a horse Julia, wife of brave heroes and armies relatives. When mobilized so much effort, will be impressive adventure.

In addition to the quests you can in the game Three heroes play in helping Ilyusha fight enemies that lie in wait for him in the shelter. Hero expects attacks every minute and therefore ready to immediately deal a decisive blow with a sword, which he keeps at the ready. Enemies are so cowardly that attack suddenly popping out of hiding. Hope for the heroic virtue is not worth it, because Ilya Muromets though it has immensely, but still mortal. When the enemy seem immediately begin to cut it until he hit you to death. There are free games Three heroes puzzle, where the characters were frozen in majestic poses on their warhorses like the picture of the artist. Combining the pieces of the puzzle, you are again reviving ancient epics, let courageous heroes bravely accept the challenge the hordes of enemies and fire-breathing dragons.

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