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The ability to play online games is a real gift! Why download something from the Internet or disks when so many games are available for action directly on the site. Just launch any and the gameplay will begin immediately. Games for boys and girls of various directions are always at hand. These are all kinds of races, logic, simulators, and quests, board game, and military, educational and entertaining, with cartoon and comic book characters. Here you can learn a profession, recharge with excitement, learn to count or colorize a black and white image.

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The game world develops, so to speak, in two directions. On the one hand, serious corporations are making great efforts to create extremely comfortable conditions for players who want to get into an authentic game world full of incredible adventures and almost realistic graphics. On the other hand, office projects are developing, the essence of which is to help players pass the time during hours when there is nothing to do at work. In the first case, game creators spend huge resources to provide the demanding consumer with a very realistic picture and a captivating story. They create entire worlds that thousands of specialists around the world are working on. In the second case, everything is exactly the opposite. Simple flash games, as a rule, don’t have realistic graphics, don’t strive to convey reality with accuracy and care.

These games - free online games - become something close to the very essence of the concept of the game. After all, only here the player faces the only exceptional task - to play. Playing a football simulator, the player strives to get closer to the football world, strives to be able to influence the course of game events, and strives to bring his favorite team to a place that it will not occupy in real life. And in a flash football is a pure relaxation game - without tournament tasks and famous players. Simply put, the player seeks to kick the ball. In many cases, the player may perceive a large realistic game as a beautiful interactive movie or an interesting picture book.

Then the gameplay stops being so interesting. And in the second case, he has the option to download games for free for pure gaming pleasure. This is what distinguishes simple free games from full-fledged reality simulators. Therefore, all players who prefer flash games come to sites with game collections in order to play, and not to plunge into a completely different world with its problems and game ups and downs. Therefore, most flash games don’t have a developed story, complex simulations of reality, or photographically accurate graphics. Such games cannot be activities, unlike massive game projects, they are intended to be secondary entertainment and relaxing activities. You can experience the action of both such games and large multiplayer Internet projects using our catalog. There are free online games only here.

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