Warriors Cats games

Warriors Cats games

Cats - the most lovely creatures on earth, and if you are their fans, play free online games Cats Warriors you enjoy. Besides the fact that they love to run wrappers for on a string and tumbling with a ball, cats excellent hunters. The game story they are doing it all the time. Choose a color pet and escort chasing the rabbit. Do not overreach on a huge rock and not clash with the dog, so as not to lose one of the cat's life. He has a lot of them, but there is always the last one. Even cats remarkable songster, and you can listen to their concert, which they organized in the yard.
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Games Warriors Cats: pets and hunters

Warriors Cats games Warriors Cats games cat owner and dog lovers all trying to prove who is the best pets, intelligent and faithful. The debate meaningless, because it is clear that the cats are the best!
When they are small, it is impossible to remain indifferent, looking at them with a ball game, funny muzzles – is surprised, the playful, the sleepy. They are worn around the apartment for hours, hunting for flies, sunbeams, dust particles, laces. So they learn to hunt, and when they grow up, their habits catch moving objects do not cease. In the yard they catch birds and mice, but not always for the sake of food – they like to play with them. Starting in Cats Warriors games to play, you can go on a hunt.
Living next to a man, the cats sleep in a warm bed in an embrace with children. People allow these cute animals is almost everything, and in ancient Egypt believed their gods, which no one dared to offend for fear of punishment. At all times, cats endowed mystical aura, they allegedly conductors in the other world, have 9 lives and live in two dimensions – world of the living and the world of spirits. That is why witches witches kept cats at home, it was easier to summon demons. Opening the Warriors game, you will plunge into a secret, mysterious cat world, and learn more about their habits, fears, passions and abilities.

Games Warriors Cats - Cat tribe

cats easily adapt to any conditions of life. While some prefer the comfort of home, while others appreciate the freedom, and even combined into clans. Although cat did not pack animals, the plot Warriors Cats online game is built on this idea, and how it affects their lives, can be seen, joining other players.
The peculiarities of lacustrine and marine tribes, select one. Each shows the names of tribes, and at a meeting with a representative of a stranger, it will be possible to identify the smell, which is denoted by a specific color. In order to develop an excellent sense of smell, it is necessary to perform tasks, and improve after each of you will add the ability to distinguish not only a great smell, but also other skills.
Explore the territory to invade other people and to protect their land. Wild cats live by hunting, and will provide food, hunting down prey. For this useful good sense of smell, as well as to search for artifacts, buried in the ground. The more you catch the smells, the more objects buried deep, will be able to dig up.
– Cats are excellent fighters and let them appear soft and fluffy when it comes to a fight, in the course are the claws, teeth and techniques. The game is developed 190 techniques and a variety of combinations. Fight alone or in groups, and pass on the development of a kitten to master StarClan.


Adventures invincible cats

Vybirayte color and accompany graceful hunter nocturnal outing in the woods to hunt for different animals.

Warriors Cats games You'll see a lot of stories about the game Warriors Cats that develop the themes:

  • Priklyucheniya
  • Trelyalki
  • Sobiralki
  • Arkady
  • Brodilki

Here are jumping rabbits, birds fly delicious, mouth-watering grass rustling in the mouse. But for a walk and went wild dogs, and meeting with them takes away from the cat 's health. If they jump, as well as stones, everything goes smoothly.
More Free Game Warriors Cats offer options that resemble the plot of Evil birds. Shoot the cats with a slingshot or cannon to get into the group of dogs, spread over the hills. To do this, define the desired angle of flight of the projectile, and send him flying. If missed, note the mistakes, change direction, and try again until all the dogs do not die under your fire.

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