Car racing games

Car racing games

Games Racing on the machines became the first computer amusements, which covered everything generation. But if the first gamers had to buy and install the toys on the computer, they are now available online for free, and you can play not only one, but also together, to choose not only the color of the machine, as her model, equipped with different instruments, and complete tuning. Among the many offers simulators for children, where pilots are the cartoon characters. Even the girls created their own race with pink cars, and as a reference, it is necessary to collect the cosmetics or sweets.


The first games Racing in cars were simple and even primitive. Identical machines went on one of the proposed routes, and the player followed the interval passed on a single screen at the bottom. Today, in order to play, you can choose any model car, start the process online for free. Available realistic version with pit stops, where the refueling, tire change and other details, and the pilot sees the way through the windshield and may go on instruments. The kids also having fun with the heroes of cartoons and also gets the adrenaline.


How long boys can play free online games machines? The answer is obvious – forever! This is understandable, because the automotive theme for them is sacred. With great enthusiasm they play in the race, with enthusiasm testing new models and conditions of the competition. They are not afraid of obstacles and disasters, and they will certainly find a way out of the emergency. You can carry passengers by taxi, unload or dump collecting goods on the road to war in armored personnel carriers, go on safari and make creative tuning his iron horse.

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The racing games are the pioneers of all existing lines of this subject and the general computer toys. Along with the card game, they paved the way for modern products, which are now very different from their predecessors.

Realistic racing game on the machines

Car racing games If the first designs were made in a flat plot and did not feature a colorful, but today it is a variety of high technology and to flash games. Plausible simulations taking as a basis for racing competitions that have taken place in real life. They are available to choose the car and the crew to make an upgrade and go to the track, which faithfully replicate real-world geography. In all of these simulators is designed in accordance with the existing rules of the races, the driver sees the situation in the first person, but can switch to a view from the side. Management is so sensitive, it is easy to fly off the road at the slightest roll or absence of coupling. To protect yourself and increase the chances of winning, are provided pit stop, when your car is carried out instant replacement tires and make minor repairs if necessary. Judges watch closely so as not to break the rules, and the audience is actively rooting for his rider, chanting his name from the stands. Another version of the game racing on machines less convoluted. Children are happy to refer to this section and participate in races where the main task – win them. Sometimes flash games introduce job call for repairs, but most of the additional rules of the game include the collection of certain objects on the road, for example, parts that enhance the vitality of the machine. They should not be used alone because they work as bonuses and automatically multiply the level of the vehicle or game account.

Choose your way

Once on our website, you have the opportunity to play racing game on the machines free of charge. It may be a classic race on a winding road, which is visible in the corner of the screen to control in the promotion; off-road racing; as well as on city streets. Every time it is the new race conditions and style of play.

Country Race for boys

In the countryside before you open special flavor, but the difficulty will not keep you waiting. Imagine how difficult it is to go to his goal when the wheels and strive to throw the stupid chicken, frightened even-toed ungulates, blurred ditches and newly formed hills. On the road all the time across the logs and farm equipment.

Criminal races on cars

Car racing games No less excitement in the process of making offers to play the race on the machines in the pursuit of criminals or vice versa – running away from the servants of Themis. In this case, you have to radically change the conditions, and now you do not need to stick to the rules established by the judges. Moreover, you will be mercilessly disturb urban prairie, knocking on the way trash cans, crossing at full speed and pedestrian crossings without zasmatrivayas the color of traffic lights, flying over bridges and Driving on public transportation stop, down to the underground garage and loop them as if in labyrinth of the Minotaur. If your middle name – danger, like online games Racing on the machines fit perfectly in your leisure time.

Games for the youngest riders

But not everyone is ready for such a dynamic development. The youngest riders are at the very beginning of the development of computer toys and only develop the skills to manage them. To satisfy their craving for the unknown, we have prepared the game machine online, where they can manage modelka on the kitchen table, carefully circling cutlery and bread crumbs, and fall into the children's room and tried to send his toy car in the garage.

The main types of racing

  • The ring racing, is riding on a closed circuit machines. It bends, twists abounding, and the driver several times passes it around.
  • Endurance race.
  • Rally – when the pilot passes the road from point to point.
  • The Trophy is mainly involved in the SUV, but can participate motorcycles and light vehicles, too. The track is specially chosen rugged: forest, hills, ravines, swamps.
  • Autocross especially popular. This spectacular event in which the drivers are not competing for the time and with each other. The machines can relate to each other, and congestion on the route give the entertainment action.
  • Figure driving called autoslalom.
  • Avtotrial on short passes, but the roads impassable.
  • drag racing – This dispersal of cars in a straight length of 402 meters.
  • The drift drivers demonstrate the ability to drive a car in a skid.
  • Karting – small car with an engine and a motorcycle seat fixed to the frame.  

Car racing games The speed, as well as flying, always attracted man. Adrenaline, danger of death, drive driving – all this attracted adventurers, not only in the automotive era, but since the time of the first domestication of mounts. Now the game industry completely quenches thirst willing to chase at breakneck speed. Racing games on the machines into an exciting ride without risking their lives, but with essentially the same feeling that the wheel of this car. The popularity of the genre not only leads to a variety of game offerings. Flash games may well give the user what he needs – the adrenaline, the spirit of competition and the danger. Online Games Racing in cars very often overlap with the known formats. Or simply offer users their own, unique playing format. Who does not remember the famous Mikromashinki? Admit it, because you are loved not just run away from the police car at a fashion? As a child, many of us really liked the track to skirt around the pencil and a tablespoon of jumping through the bathroom, remember it? Modern teenagers do not remember the simple racing excitement on the car to where you had to overtake other riders while avoiding collisions. He thinks that such a format – the lot of small flash games. But once it was the peak of the game world!

Games online cars – continuation of a tradition of simple two-dimensional programs. But do not think that this is a primitive game. No, there is a unique game and online racing on machines, performed in the style of a three-dimensional graphics. They have quite a modern interface and are able to deliver no less joy than their « older brothers ». Game machines always make particularly drayvovymi and exciting. That's why everyone should try at least once to play one of them.

Next, the wheel!

Car racing games In reality gaming fans of cars waiting for a great variety of machines. These are:

  • serial passenger cars
  • Jeep ATVs  
  • sports racing car

And there they behave in different ways in the course of one game car racing suit each other, in another – are some distance at a time, in the third – mastering the art of parking. In racing games at the start of the distance beyond a few participants, about equal in performance. You control one of the wheelbarrows, trying to bring it to the finish line first. The gameplay can be made in different styles: you follow the car at the top and see a big chunk of the route, or the entire distance. This option is used in many circular races, games driving on a limited urban location or the long suburban routes. It gives an excellent overview of what is happening on the course, but the method of control may seem awkward, but after a short adaptation and perhaps a few mistakes, you become a champion without any problems in competitions of this type. Another type of survey is often used in large-racing game – you watch the road, while the back of his car. So the best you can see all the upcoming obstacles and bonuses, convenient overtake rivals and block them overtaking. These races offer different types of tracks: Stuffed other cars and pedestrians city streets, specialized high-speed tracks, off-road & hellip;

hone their skills by playing games machines

Car racing games Car racing games Some of the machines are programmed to show the side of the game. Among the flash toys you can find a lot of races of this type. It is not possible to make turns, and cars just go back and forth. But on the way the driver is faced with many obstacles: steep ascents and descents, bumps, abyss. Controlled car you can easily roll over, lost his balance in a jump or too jumped on the pothole. You need to adjust its slope by raising and lowering the front and rear of the vehicle. Often, these games put on the job only a neat passage of the route - not enough to break to win the level. Although there may be additional terms and conditions: drop off to the finish of any cargo and not lose it from shaking the truck.

Games about cars offer many opportunities to improve the car. To do this, you can collect bonuses on the track, like a turbo acceleration, repair after damage. But these artifacts are likely to be temporary, and for more global changes need to go to a virtual store and put on a new car engine, tires, better aerodynamics, brakes. The most advanced games for boys offer to replace the machine: in some games for this money are collected in the race for bonuses, while others spent a reward for prizes in the competition.


Speed ​​and drive – two obscure and elusive phenomena that attract the human history of its species. Ranging from fast running and horses, ending sports car and supersonic fighters, people dream accelerate at least a few seconds. For them, this desire is as natural as eating and breathing. Need for speed, usually subject to men. But the beautiful half of people do not really approve of, and it's not exactly a safe hobby. Very often you can hear the stories about what a man wants to go himself, and not his wife. Because his wife does not allow him to accelerate to the speed at which it gets interesting ride. Although the essence of this separation can not be proved and, for many women today are also obsessed with speed. But the car – It's expensive. Especially in our country. It's one thing to buy it – You can save or borrow, but quite different – « feed ». After all cars, regardless of the frequency of use, « eats » considerable sums. Drivers say that some vehicles are cheaper and easier on the road, rather than the garage. Well, what we have in the country income – everyone knows. So many people have to pour adrenaline thirst in computer simulations.


Games Racing in cars – just one genre that such people choose most often. And not everyone needs powerful simulators. A very large number of people just want to ride on the machine symbolically painted. For them, and created a flash options known games. And those who play for a long time, they know that in the world of two-dimensional racing has excellent authentic racing games. Why are only the famous mikromashinki! In general, the race can be considered one of the first gaming simulation, along with the simulator. And it is unlikely someone will be able to tell you what genre came first. It remains unchanged that racing will continue to develop.


Even if the world will disappear all the traffic police and each will have its own car, many will prefer to play the race this – and security and drayvovy. And in virtual reality there are so many options for setting, in reality this does not ever become available. Which is good, by the way. It is unlikely that someone would have pleased the race to the bottom in vehicles with guns and missiles under the hood. All of these are good fun only on the computer screen. A largest collection of racing game – on this page. Click on any game – all of them are free, also available on our server. This means that they are almost always available!

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