Little Einsteins games

Little Einsteins games

2005-2009, the children presented a cheerful cartoon for children who love to creatively develop and promote this audience. Continuing to develop the idea of ​​free online games Little Einsteins, in which we propose to play. Here you will meet June, Quincy, Leo, Annie, and other characters. They love music, and even their spaceship - an unusual musical instrument. Collect the notes in the sky, avoiding Tucek. Try to create your own ringtone from different sounds. Tools reincarnated, and it is necessary to extract the sound of them, but suitable and conventional pets.
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Games Little Einsteins will answer all questions

Little Einsteins games online Little Einsteins Musical games entertain pochemuchek that all interested and curious. They are based on the idea of ​​the German youth series and the American animated television series. Each episode tells the amazing places, sending the characters on a journey to the fabulous smart missile. Heroes know the world and help the kids develop, and music content imparts good taste. This is an opportunity to discover interesting country, learn the secrets of science, learning to play various musical instruments. The command to do this is much more interesting, so get ready to get acquainted young intellectuals, Little Einsteins opening game for free.

A team of travelers

For a short time to visit all parts of the world, can not do without fast vehicles. In young Einsteins is a Red Rocket is able to transform, to communicate and create items required in different situations. We are glad to introduce you to the heroes of children's games Little Einsteins, which all curious.

  • Leo – red-haired boy with green eyes. He has not very good eyesight, and he wears glasses. But this does not prevent him skillfully manage a red rocket, bringing the company to the point of the event, because it is her non-replaceable captain. He loves his baton and use it often.
  • – younger sister Annie Leo. Once he trusted her to manage a rocket, and it happened. She songstress and a lover of animals, that's just afraid of bats, spiders.
  • June – romantic girl adoring consider a telescope starry sky. Another weakness of its – dancing.
  • – Quincy can play on any proposed instrument, but his favorite – violin and trumpet.
  • – Rocket is the most unique, intelligent vehicle, in which children are traveling. It expresses the idea of music sounds, and helps pass the challenging missions offering friends different devices. Knows how to swim underwater and fly, transforming themselves.  


Musical Adventures

Little Einsteins games online Little Einsteins games online Music filled all Little Einsteins games online. It occupies most of the lives of the characters, and plots it perfectly traced. Once friends find unique musical instruments that can be modified. Now the children interested and they learn to play the melody.
In another version of the game Little Einsteins you will visit the magnificent castle, where the competition for the best dancer. he only be honored to dance to the sophisticated audience in the glass slippers. Learning of this, June decided to try the forces, and friends willing to help her decide. They have overcome a long distance on a rocket, but it got to the castle. Now you have to go through the musical gates in June dress ball gown, to practice with her movement and wearing shoes, will address the audience.
She enjoyed it so much that she took the stage again, but now the theater. Select music from the classical repertoire, put a number of different movements and take enthusiastic applause from the audience.
His talents also decided to share the rest of the guys. In different places each piece of music stands with his part of the song, and you, as a conductor, in control of the process. Swap voice until you get a perfect result.
The game Little Einsteins will also play, racing and collecting music in the sky, and even rescuing animals in distress after falling from the moon to Earth fragment. Beware of clashes with the clouds, and the unique missile can perform the task, use the tools offered.

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