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Hall of arts games

Look in the online game Hall of arts, free to play, enjoying the splendor of the paintings of talented artists. You hire a restorer in the gallery, as in the paintings found traces of vandalism. Someone messed greatest works, painted their hearts, moons, notes and other figures. Date of the exhibition announced and the time to work remains very personal. Rather proceed to the restoration works, in order to restore the picture to the top of the show. The trick is to focus on each figure separately, spending on it to 30 and moves aside.
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Game Hall of arts attentiveness

Hall of arts games online Fans of quests to find items fall in love with the game Hall of arts. This is not child's some fun, but the real work of the restorer. The famous Museum received paintings by famous artists, but it turned out that the whole party was subjected to an act of vandalism – paintings, engravings and bas-reliefs painted by someone unauthorized trademarks:

Na different patterns there are other alien figures, which should not be.

  • Serdechkami
  • Lunami
  • Pikami
  • Trefami or trilistnikami
  • Notnymi znakami
  • Kusochkami pazla
  • Zvezdami


This is outrageous, when the world's masterpieces are exposed to such a barbaric intervention. This happens, fortunately, very rare, and in the museum there are so many restoration specialists to quickly solve the problem. That is why the management decided to hire temporary staff to have time to return the picture previous form to the exhibition.
If you are willing to undergo a rigorous selection, welcome to the game Hall of arts, where each player is prepared workshop with all the tools. In fact, you need only a computer mouse, which need to click on the found items to remove them.

not work, and enjoyment

You have a great job, which is associated more with the pleasure of seeing beautiful paintings. You will have to look into every element to detect disguised extra detail.
On the lower scale is seen as likely to collect moons, hearts, crosses, and other details. Hooligan great tried, useev canvas paintings generously. This makes it easier to find them, but if you miss one, would have to search long for the loss.
Total items during the game Hall of arts have to collect 130, although in different series number can vary. Hoda need to carefully save, do not make unnecessary movements, not otherwise pass the half level. Is there a little trick that will help cope with the task.

  • On the level of the passage has 30 clicks
  • If you select a category entirely, you get an additional 20 klikov

Kak see, we must focus on the search for a first group of characters in order to get a head start in the further search. But how do you find them faster, the more earn bonus minutes to begin to melt with each second delay.
Members can choose an easy difficulty level of the game Hall of arts, in which the cursor changes appearance, falling on the active element. For the privilege level is not difficult, and you have to decide for yourself, it's just a shadow or a desired search object.

The best art exhibition

Hall of arts games online Hall of arts games online You will have a lot of positive work during the game Hall of arts. You honored to engage in the restoration of the great works, and many would like to visit your site at least daily. You will see a lot of great work, adjoin with the canvas, which once focused brush immortal masters.
to get rid of one painting from the extra characters, just hold the other. The next best works of art ever assembled in a museum for display. Game Hall of arts will introduce you to them and you are not just a quick look at each, and will be long and hard to study for vandalism.
This is a great puzzle to find and care, one of many, but too unique to miss it. Enjoy the beautiful creations, and demonstrate the ability to focus on the task at hand. Looking elements, show a master class by doing this quickly and efficiently. And to share the fun with your friends, share the game on the social network.

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