Intelligent games

Intelligent games

offer to play online games Intelligent, especially since they are presented free of charge. It is necessary to exercise every day, you can simply click on the logic puzzles, learn to count in your mind, notice the little things. The school also set such tasks, but our proposal is much more fun to go through. Try to undermine the wall and start the movement of other floors, to release the object. Pull the right vine, to provoke a beneficial effect. Find the correct position of the arms and get to the artifact. Proceed one or two.

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Intelligent by Category:

Intelligent games At various times mankind invents logical Entertainment and eventually they are modified, supplemented, regenerated, and today attracts the attention of people intelligent games online. There are toys that still played our ancestors, but there was also a lot of new, especially with the advent of computers and the Internet.

A variety of intellectual games

virtual world filled with suggestions of paper and board games, puzzles, and offers a completely innovative ideas – products of modern digital technologies, as well as those that were developed long before the PC.

  • Tic-tac-toe;
  • The game words;
  • Battleship;
  • Mahjong;
  • Card;
  • Chess;
  • Crosswords;
  • Fifteen;
  • Mazes;
  • Puzzles.

And here are toys that are modern brainchild of

  • The three in number;
  • Zuma,
  • Find your way out, and similar subjects.

Mind games online often overlap with the TV show, where you have to guess the word or give the correct answers to the questions from different areas of science and art. Those who find a special pleasure in testing the strength of its own intelligence, never miss an opportunity to pass a similar game. And the fact that the online version focuses on realistic television preserving the unique rules, only adds excitement and is perceived as a challenge.

Intelligent games to strengthen and replenish the knowledge

In this section we have tried to satisfy all cravings and therefore filled it with a variety of proposals. Now it is possible to put into practice the knowledge acquired in school, and their own experience, a solid nut to crack puzzles.
There will be useful:

  • Knowledge of physics and chemistry;
  • Savvy;
  • The logic of thinking;
  • Property answers from the exact sciences.

To direct the object in the right direction, it is necessary to take into account:

  • The force of friction;
  • of the Resistance;
  • The slip;
  • The velocities.

There is a difference, where the action is. If you shoot arrows at a target, remember that the boom affect the wind, the distance and its own weight. But if you're trying to play bowling under water, is added to the effect of surprise. From personal experience, you know how difficult it is in this case to predict the direction of the object. He kept changing its course completely chaotic. By intelligent toys include a lot of currents. For example, pipe connection or wires – This session also Thinking and observation. Such games can become independent or task at a certain point the other games. Filling vessels with liquid or balancing weights, it's not just entertainment, and similar tasks are often found in school textbooks or books for scholars. But in the intellectual games online play much more interesting than pore over collections, making calculations in a notebook. In a playful way, it looks completely different and makes you want to take the challenge of the next fun.

Intelligent games especially saturated tasks on logic quest games. They offer every turn:

  • Find the objects in the image or theme,
  • Locate found the right place;
  • To calculate the mathematical significance;
  • To collect the image by rotating circles, moving the squares, bringing together pieces of paper, photographs or maps.

Also, they are often encountered tasks:

  • According to the passage of the maze;
  • find similar objects;
  • to move the block exemption passage;
  • Interaction terms found.

At the time, as the youngest gamers prompted to insert the missing letter in a word, solve an example to determine the color and size of objects, adult players prepared more complex tasks. In addition to the universal game, there are those who are focused on boys and girls, to make them particularly interesting leisure.

In computer games, each looking for what they need. Someone needs adrenaline and aggression draining into the virtual space. Someone who likes endless platformer-rpg with their jumps. Some people prefer simulators, where everyone is given the opportunity to build your own city or even a human destiny. And some can not live without MMORPG, where the world has already been created before you, and you need not only to blend in with it, but also to achieve success, which is reflected in the number of your level. And there are those who like to play mind games online. They, of course, also popular as all the above genres, but, nevertheless, the fans they are also missing.  

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