Raft Wars games

Raft Wars games

Events do not extend beyond the pool or the beach, but for dreamers it does not matter, because they can imagine any space, populate it by anyone, and then come up with a weapon and begin to fight. Complete all levels of the war, along with the characters.
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The plot of the game War raft begins with the moment when the toddler enthusiastically digging shovel in loose sand without a specific purpose, and suddenly breast sand crumbles and appears a bar of gold. Over the next portion of sand shovel scoops a handful of diamonds. That's good luck! thinking kid, and already plans to buy fancy sliders with applique bears, large collection of molds and delicious juice.
But it turned out that this beach has long watched the pirates. These bandits got wind of the treasure buried once the old sea wolf, but just did not know the exact location of the treasure. They have long scoured the beach with metal detectors, combed sand rake, transmission scanners, but found nothing. It seemed that they had to just go a little farther, and then they would quickly ran into jewelry. So it was that they found the little boy, after which created the game Raft wars.
About this discovery made headlines and raised a large vanity. After waiting for when the excitement die down, the pirates have started to operate.

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Nobody will agree to give what he dug up, experiencing the excitement of discovery without a fight. Playing the game War raft, help the heroes to win the battle, armed with tennis balls. This is the first shells that will be available to characters, but then they will be able to strengthen its arsenal of grenades and rockets.
Here is an interesting arcade game for boys, where you have to find the right angle for each shot. Game Raft wars look simply and recklessly, and once it is clear that to be done.
Point the mouse sight, and when you decide that you have found the right direction, you can shoot. Tagged hit overturns villains into the water from their swimming means, and brings you in battle deserved game points. After the first round of the wait for the new test in the next, and when it is over, you can top military arsenal and strengthen the raft to survive longer in the shootout. War games Action rafting require logic, because arm and her.

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Malchik won the first battle, but that does not mean that the war games Raft wars also won. Repulsed by pirates jewelry, he decided to hide them on the same beach, just in a different place. Tot bit waited until the hype dies down around his find, and parents, the police and the tax will cease to talk about it.
his decision he quickly brought to life, but when next year once again came ashore, he saw that there was built an amusement park, and its treasures are now hidden behind buildings. War turns serious, and the opponent pulls together new forces. In the water, the shark patrol and air pulled military forces in helicopters. The press covers the event live, but not all is lost.

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