Liv and Maddie games

Liv and Maddie games

Brothers and sisters, the twins do not have to be similar in all. They may enjoy different music, clothes, food, have different hobbies. Look at the online game Liv and Maddie, in which we invite girls to play for free - is a vivid example of the heroine of opposites, twins sisters. Liv dreams of a musical career, and Maddy is great playing basketball. But family ties still strong, and when necessary, the heroine becomes a cohesive team, ready to stand each other out. Play pinball with them, ride on a sled, walk test, and show creativity by making a photo album.
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Games Liv and Maddie about life twins

Liv and Maddie games Cool have brothers or sisters, but it will not surprise anybody. Gemini is always in the spotlight and cause a lot of questions about their lifestyle, hobbies, interests. Sometimes twins are so much alike that people with difficulty distinguish them, and it seems that even the parents get confused between the two. About the lives of two teenage girls game will tell Liv and Maddie. – heroines are real twins, but contrary to popular belief about identity in all, they are easy to distinguish by the nature and enthusiasm. Let them look, as if reflected at each other, and they sometimes take advantage of this, substituting in the classroom, date, and in other situations, but if you know them well, the trick is easy to solve.
Funny, naughty girl always active and cheerful, and love of adventure sometimes puts them in a difficult position. But innate savvy helps invent a saving way out of the situation, and it's not just to get rid of the complete failure of the sisters.
Around Liv and Maddie a lot of friends, because they are catchy. A company is required to receive the new idea of ​​how to spend the time that brings back the next test, everything from the beginning. But the heroine never get tired, and ready to settle the difficulties and problems that all has returned to equilibrium. How do they manage to cope, the game will tell Liv and Maddie, and involving you in the amazing stories of heroines.

Family Rooney

Liv and Maddie games Family Rooney large and friendly. Parents love their children, trying to give the best help to test themselves in a variety of directions and realized. Children are responsible mutual love of parents, and as a result everyone is happy.

  • Pit – a father and coach of the women 's basketball team in Ridgewood, but this is his coaching career does not stop. Pete tries, and family members to keep in shape, educating girls in the spirit of competition, and to order calls on a signal whistle.
  • – Karen mom family. He worked as a school psychologist, as well as Deputy Director.
  • – Parker youngest of children. Walks is in kindergarten, but karate is already engaged. Like all children – dreamer, and this loves to invent.  
  • Dzhoy – freshman high school, loves adventure.
  • – Maddie twin sister Liv. Very athletic, captain of the basketball team.
  • – Liv twin sister Maddie. Unlike his sister, she dreams of becoming a famous singer.

For a long time lived in Hollywood, where starred in movies and different shows. This affected its nature and approved in the selected path. One day she wanted to go home, and since then began her unusual adventure, but what it will show the game Liv and Maddie.

Proydemsya on the plot of the game Liv and Meddi

Iskat differences in the pictures you're used to, but this process takes on new meaning when you should do it with exactly the same girls.

Liv and Maddie games Interests girls displayed in the gaming products, and we are pleased to present all the genres that will entertain you perfectly:

    • Pazly
    • Pinbol
    • Poisk otlichiy
    • Na dalnost
    • Testy
    • Tvorcheskie
    • Try not too distracted, seeking out inconsistencies in the photos of the game Liv and Maddie.


      The most dynamic fun this winter fun sledding. The sisters and their friends staged a competition, who will be able to continue to drive the sled. Choose any character, speeding, jump from a springboard and then ride a few meters, to set the record for distance.


    girls interested in playing Liv and Maddie in the form of a test, you can find out who they are like two twins. Answer the questions and find out the answer. Then you can play pinball and collect puzzle element photo - heroines, and then from the decorative details to make a nice frame for one of the shots, and Maddy Liv.
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