Idle games

Idle games

click-click-click-click So play online game Idle. This is especially fun, where the result depends on how quickly and accurately you will be able to deal with the task. Be in front of you the ball, colored bricks and terrible monsters, it is necessary to issue a series of mouse movements klikatelnyh on the project, to score points. Simple manipulation is not an obstacle to passion, which gradually tightens. Starting to play for free in any game, you become a master of clicks. The process is almost endless, with many levels of increasing difficulty. But if you miss the important moments, you fall into the trap.

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Idle games Idle games In that Idle game like clickers

There is always a chance that someone will come to mind an entirely new idea, and it will launch it in the raging sea of ​​computer toys, novelty and you will hook the hook to assess the efforts of the creator.
This "fish" could be called clickers games, but is very similar to what they were created on the basis of the product Flappy Bird, who belongs to the fantasy Dong Nguengu – Vietnamese developer of virtual fun. Bird, which flies through the forest of pipes, it is necessary to keep in the air with the help of mouse clicks on it. And the birds is come into contact with an obstacle or if the player is no longer just for a second to click on it, she falls and the game ends.

The outer side of clickers

The existing options clickers are united in the control method, but different design. If you do not attach particular importance to the bright colors, the version with a black and white image will help concentrate on solving the problem. But if the aesthetic aspect for you is important, especially a lot of toys, and you can test them one by one, enjoying the clear events. At first you may find that the game play is quite simple clickers – Direct the cursor over the object, PUSH button and see what happens. All true, but the process is so addictive that I want to continue to perform the task, which, after the necessary set points more complex.
Especially effective such games to help pass the time when something you expect, for example, while traveling or in the queue. Because many people have the plates, the fun will always be with you. You do not need a mouse, because the touch screen allows you to control the actions of a finger.

We arm and arm in the battle!

To say against clickers flash games that need a strategy here, it is not quite true. Rather, it requires skill, speed, care.

  • You are sure to meet Version with balls (you can call them honey, Bunnies, emoticons).  

The object seemed to swim a distance, gradually increasing in size, but you need to click on it with the mouse, so that he again declined. First bun smiley will be one, and you can work out well before in its place will come the three. Ah-ah-ah-ah! The three of you! But you can do it, the more it is they need your help – do not let them grow so that they come into contact with the sides of the playing field boundaries.

  • But the "clicker heroes", this is a real battle with the monsters.  

Idle games Idle games

Each time before you see a new monster that can kill quickly it clicks. Once you win it, it will break into pieces and throw a coin in return. This is your capital that you will spend to increase strength. This will help you faster each time battling evil spirits, and get a surcharge. The territory is also possible to change – It will be available when the new, it will appear on the top line. To choose something you just click on it in italics.
At each level ten monsters and win when everyone will meet with the main boss. It sparkles with unkind eyes gleam menacingly springs in place, and to eliminate it, you have a lot more effort, but the catch and coins will be more.
We can say that games Idle are endless. This is the case when the final goal is not logical, and the current result and the more points you accumulate, the better. This opens up new possibilities and increases your strength, allows to operate faster, more cleverly, purposefully. However, it's just a fun game, which is pleasant to relax, which wakes up the excitement, pleasure simple gameplay.

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