T. U. F. F. Puppy games

T. U. F. F. Puppy games

Nothing prevents you from playing online games T. U. F. F. Puppy free, so start any toy, and help the heroes to fulfill their mission. Here is a secret agency"Turbo", which addresses the most important issues of the city Zveropolisa. It is necessary to neutralize a villain in its place comes a new one, and then a team of trained agents accepted za rabotu. Lead character - Dudley, but he would not have coped without companions and helpers: Kitty Katswell, dog Keswick, squirrels acorns, Gryzinski mouse, elephant Jumbo and others. Manages disparate team boss - flea Herbert Dombrowski.
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Puppy"is made in the genres of comedy and the absurd adventures.

Sobytiya games Turbopёs develop in Zverpolise where secret agents every day to confront the criminal world, which runs Kryser. Not once or disrupted operation did not go according to plan it is his fault. He has excellent sense of smell and fast feet. He is lazy and irresponsible, but if the situation is serious, once transformed and ready to act. Previously I did not know how to dance, and once learned through rat. In his chest beat two hearts, and when talking – stutters. Once Keswick admitted that he wanted the alien and space police will arrest not only on him, but also those who will risk his hide. He wears a wig, false teeth and a prosthetic hip and one leg mechanical suffers periodic amnesia, mustard flavors sweet tart cherries, after which he recalls the taste of boots. Treacherous

  • – Kryser rats, the leader of the group Grin (Society Fel and greedy). Do not know how to tell time, I have not learned to tie shoe laces and write, lives with his mother until now and is allergic to cheese.


Tuff Puppy games In history there are other agents TURBO Grin and villains, but the game Turbo Agent Dudley focus your attention on the leading characters with which to have fun in different ways.

Games for excellent mood

invite fans of funny adventure games Turbopёs. On Zveropolisa streets unfold with serious battles, and win the one who is better prepared.
Run Game Turbo Agent Dudley to pass a quiz with questions and answer options. Put a check next to each item, in the end, you will learn on the character of this story is similar.

V love adventure games Turbopёs help the hero to collect falling from the sky sugar bones, but do not get under the falling between Cupid arrows. And then were set into the pool, and spend a little time there, jumping, running, shooting – in general, spending time as much as possible fun.

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