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Tests games

What do you flower dish, a heavenly body, an animal, a fabulous hero – These and similar questions are answered free online tests. Especially girls like to ask such questions, and to play in seeking answers of simple tests. It's always nice to know that you are compared with the beloved heroine of the series, cute cat or historical figure. In fact, no matter what option is not dropped, he is sure to flatter you, telling about the attractive character traits. However, to play at the same time still interesting, as well as to share with your friends with the results.

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Tests games for girls Tests games for girls Rate your character and looks very very difficult, but you always want to think of themselves better. For this and come up with games for girls tests that say compliments. And let you guess that the result is far from the truth, but it is important to get support in order to feel more confident, because it is so important at a young age.

A nice result can be an incentive, to push to really change for the better, to emphasize a snazzy features, hiding the fact that you do not want to show to others. Girls are so excited when the game tests compare them with the fairies, princesses, mermaids and other beauties.

The tests are not a modern invention. Many previous generations have passed tests in paper editions, but the most interesting was copied in a notebook and tested friends. Of course, such a wide variety as it is now not there, but because they are valued, because the drafters tried to make them unique and believable. True result is guaranteed only with explicit answers to questions that might even confuse.

Now, tests for girls using a simple question: "what is your favorite color", "Do you love to dream," "favorite dessert." Answers always give a nice result, and in order to achieve similarity to a particular character, it is sufficient to falsify answers and complete the game as many times until you get what you want. [eleven]

Funny tests for women

The tests can be very different, and our column represents options:

  • In similarity with the characters
  • Love
  • On the human qualities
  • On the coincidence of the characters
  • In the knowledge (of the plot of the film, in various fields: history, mathematics, biology, geography, etc.)
  • For the signs of the zodiac
  • On the logic

The fact that the girls want to get confirmation of the sympathy of a classmate, is understandable, but it is interesting to know, what do you farm? However, such tests are too funny happen. But intelligence tests like and boys. Try to pass the quiz and get more points. To exercise brought more fun, you play a little family members of the Simpsons. And playing darts, name the European countries on a map and find the seas and oceans of the job.

Tests for girls offer to define your perfume, the most healthy dish, what should be the best friend, what height heels you should wear and how to choose the style of clothing. You will also tell you what the animal and whether it is necessary to be afraid of the full moon, and even offered to get tested for intelligence. It sounds paradoxical, but what fun! [eleven]

Tests kidding

Tests games for girls Tests games for girls The term "test" means a test, test. In addition to the game, there are many professional tests. In school, take tests for knowledge of items. Machines and computer programs are also being tested for flawless performance before their launch into production. Food and cosmetics tested for quality mark.

There are a number of medical tests, and pregnancy as well. Tests in the field of psychology help doctors identify normal person or not, and any hidden anxiety bothered him. In addition to the questionnaires, using Rorschach – pictures that look like blobs.

The economy also has its own methods to predict the rise or fall of the currency, gold, or the development of the enterprise. Enjoy tests and lawyers, mathematicians, educators, sociologists. With the tests, you can find a tendency to a particular profession and purposefully develop the necessary skills. But astronomers can make a personal horoscope, knowing your exact date of birth.

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