Games Secret Mission to Mars

Games Secret Mission to Mars

The bold and resourceful online games Secret Mission to Mars are invited to play for free, fulfilling a mission in which a flight to Mars is expected. This is a dangerous undertaking, and the hero will have to strain all the logic in order to understand how to implement the conditions of the tasks. Collecting items is a prerequisite to advance, but you need to analyze every thing found in order to find the right application for it. Observation is also important in solving puzzles, because clues and accurate data are hidden in the perimeter. Memorize the numbers you see and the pattern combinations to correctly enter the sequence.
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Games Secret Mission to Mars: Mars mission

Games Secret Mission to Mars Online Games Secret Mission to Mars Online Let's dream how it will be when a person learns not only to go out into space on sluggish ships, but will master it so much that he builds houses on other planets, starts cultivating fields, growing local flora and fauna. Just imagine that tourists come to visit the neighboring planets from the neighboring planets, and we actively trade with humanoids, exchanging goods in the markets.

To start, we need nimble ships that can quickly overcome vast spaces. These are technologies of the future, and it remains only to dream that fantasy will become reality in the foreseeable future. In the meantime, we are only available to play free games on the Secret Mission to Mars online, accompanying the hero who intends to take part in the TV show to Mars.

Forward to the endless stars!

We warn you that before you several episodes of the game Secret Mission to Mars, and the entire journey will take a long five days. That is how much in the future the journey in space to Mars will last, and for many this period will even seem too long.
We are going with you on a journey that promises many adventures.

  • See all rooms of the ship
  • Explore active items
  • Try to find a use for them
  • Pay the codes of the game Secret Mission to Mars
  • Complete all tasks on the list of

Our traveler is still quite young, and his parents were afraid to let him go so far alone, but he would convince them that he was ready to solve problems himself. I had to give in to the pressure of the young guy, but provided that he adhered to the safety rules, he would remain prudent and regularly contact the house to talk about current affairs. After receiving all the instructions, the hero was on the family ship, taking control.

Antight difficulties

Games The Secret Mission to Mars offers to complete quests, solving puzzles and riddles, passing responsible missions. Two scales show the level of vitality and energy of the hero. Make sure that they are always charged, otherwise the traveler will fall ill and will not be able to finish the job. He seeks through the stars to take part in the Martian TV show, popular in the entire galaxy. The young man had long dreamed of making a career as a star, and this program would be an excellent launching pad. This flight will be the first test for adulthood. If the hero is able to cope with all the problems that await him in flight, one can hope that the rest will work out for him too.

Games Secret Mission to Mars Online Games Secret Mission to Mars Online Moving around the ship, he needs to get into all the rooms, open a lot of drawers and safes. Each has its own code, and you need to understand where the keys are hidden. This is both a physical object and a chain of logical actions for which you need to correctly set a sequence of colors, place levers at a certain level, calculate the necessary numbers, connect the wires. For each action you need a tenacious gaze and a good memory to see the clues in objects located in different rooms, and then remember them.

Only completing all the tasks for each new day, you can be proud of yourself. The next part of the game, the Secret Mission to Mars symbolizes the new day, which starts from the moment at which the previous one was interrupted.

Control is very simple with a computer mouse. You drive it to the side, and collect active items. If you move it downward, left or right, a bar will appear, clicking on which will take you to the next room or return back.

Pore to start a space odyssey, embarking on exciting adventures to the red planet on the ship of the future.

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