Space games

Space games

Cosmos we became so close that everyone can choose the spaceship and go to play free online games space, where stunning opportunity to become a trader between the worlds or a robber, who attacks the weak civilization. Enslaved planet can be turned into a colony and collect tribute from them, or a truce, and share resources as equals. Another option Event – patrol the galaxy and destroy the aggressive aliens, not allowing them to invade entrusted to you to open spaces. You are waiting for battle with gunfights.  

Let today dream of becoming an astronaut is not as popular, and there was a lot more opportunities, because for some money could be interstellar tourists, but no one will want to miss games Space, the more that you can play them for free. This is so exciting! Before you open boundless deep expanse of the starry sky, the journey to the unknown planet, conquest of primitive civilizations or trade with reasonable humanoids. Choose military or cargo ship and explore all the hidden corners of the magic of the cosmos.

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Space games Space games Games space for tireless dreamers

The ancient people were peering at the sky, trying to understand what is behind the incident lights. They took meteorites flying creatures for the living or divine signs. For centuries humanity prey to violent emotion guesses – Is there life on other planets. And let us have repeatedly been able to go to the open space, land on the moon, send unmanned ships to distant stars using telescopes and look at the heavenly bodies, we have not moved in this matter. Are there any other habitable planets besides our – for us it is still a mystery.

Topic actively developing space science fiction writers and screenwriters. They invented worlds inhabited by aggressive and cute aliens. People are constantly faced with their presence on the native earth and feel the impact. Authors using kosmitov put experiments on human beings, mentally enslave them, kidnap for zoos. But others skillfully took our image and live among us, working as vendors, economists, drivers. This situation presented the film "Men in Black", after which many people have more confidence in the existence of aliens among us.

all the virtual ships ready for takeoff!

Of course, the game space have decided to offer his version of Star Trek. Each story offers a lot of opportunities to go beyond its planets and galaxies. Among the suggestions you will find:

  • Action Games
  • Race
  • Economic Strategy
  • Puzzle

You will meet friends and enemies, will carry out the mission to develop trade and populate the empty planet. Space War is not uncommon, and your ships are equipped with modern guns to fight pirates and invaders who want to conquer us. One of the tasks will be to destroy the meteorites, which are fully in a vacuum. Even if your ship to protect the force field, frequent contact may damage it. If you do not have time to shoot a meteorite, it is better to avoid dangerous collisions.

Become the captain of the cruiser who is looking in the sky friendly neighbors, in order to fasten the economic relations and share technology. On board the ship there is a laboratory in which to explore the samples of rocks and the air. During space games online in your submission, scientists, military and other specialties. For the mission to succeed, they need to be profitable to engage the moment.

Space games Space games You can also find themselves in the role of a cute alien, who went on a strange planet in order to save his beloved. His traps and tests are waiting to which he is not ready. There need your logic to find a solution to the next tasks.

, you will see and protein Arrow – First cosmonaut dogs. You've probably seen them a modern cartoon, and now it is time to help them perform the responsible mission to destroy meteorites. Among the characters familiar to you, there are SpongeBob, Angry Birds, Lilo and Stitch, super cow. But Marvel super heroes can climb into space without rockets, with their bare hands in order to stop the stone fragments.

Interesting facts about space research

The belief of people in open space without a spacesuit man freezes, explode or die instantly wrong. Caught in a vacuum, the body has 1-2 minutes to survive – return to the ship. The main danger for humans – burns and decompression. This means that the body begins to rapidly lose moisture and air, which is incompatible with life. 30-60 seconds in the open space will not cause serious harm to a person. In saying this, we can rely on repeatedly conducted similar tests by NASA.

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