Games Secret City Study

Games Secret City Study

In order to play for free in such fun as online games Secret study of the city, you have to be kind of curious and addicted. The plot character learned about a secret place in the city, but no one knows where it is hidden, and what trails lead there. Driven by curiosity, the hero seeks to find a secret place, and to search for uses items that meets on the way. Any trifle can be useful, even a nail, and you can get a set of necessary items only by well examining the space and looking in all corners. Every detail will find its application at a certain moment.
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Games Secret City Exploration: Adventures in the City

Games Secret City Study Online Those who live outside the city complain that nothing remarkable happens to them. Every day is like the other, and therefore it seems that life is empty, uninteresting, and is wasted. But if you think about it, it all depends on the people themselves. If you continue to wait for someone to come and entertain, nothing will happen. But if you take the situation into your own hands, you can change everything abruptly. If you open the game Secret study of the city, get to know Jack. This is a local boy who just lives in a similar quiet suburb with his mother. They have a nice house with a yard, where there is a swing, but the young tracker is tired of swinging at them, and he came up with a new entertainment.

Start of research

Armed with a magnifying glass, Jack is ready to look at the streets familiar from a new angle. He presented himself as a detective who must unravel the local secret, and therefore looks at people, asks questions, searches for clues. Jack is so carried away by the new game that he believed in the story he had invented, and he approaches the investigation very carefully. As you know, for a job well done every detail is important. That is why the game Secret Study of the City has several series, where each symbolizes one of the days spent by boys in the investigation.

  • Walk along the streets and buildings
  • Carefully explore all corners
  • Select active items
  • Try to apply them in a certain place
  • Solve rebuses
  • Complete scheduled tasks for the day

Games Secret City Study Online Jack has a list with which he compares, fulfilling the plan for the day. When all the items are completed, you can return to your room and rest, then to continue the game of the Secret Study of the City, and resume your adventures from the interrupted place.

Come with Jack to the shops, talk with the seller and buy the necessary goods. At transport stops, playgrounds and on the roadway, you meet people who give you tasks. To get information from them or a certain subject, you must fulfill their request, and this entails new tests for logic.
Gradually, the young man expands the scope of his research, and falls into the big city. There he finds a laboratory, and enters the room with the cage in which the turtle is locked. Experiments are conducted on a poor reptile, and Jack sees this as an injustice. To save her important mission of the boy, and he safely copes with it. He takes the turtle home, and now she lives in the backyard of his house. But it is not a simple animal, it can carry golden eggs with precious stones inside.

Get ready to uncover the mystery of the city

Games Secret City Study Online The longer you play the game Secret Research of the City, the closer you get to the disclosure of an important secret. It seems that Jack was not mistaken, having decided that the city has something to hide.

In the new part of the game, the boy’s secret exploration of the city will have to gather courage, because the action will take place at night, and his way will go to the old cemetery. In the fourth part, he will open an ancient crypt, but a sleepy green powder will not allow the hero to finish the job today. He will have to return here again, but in the fifth series, which will be decisive.

Jack can be proud of himself. He conducted his investigation professionally and cleanly. In the crypt, he found a large coffin, but opening it, found a scroll with an encrypted code. Then, in the library, the young man found the missing information, got the key and was able to penetrate the secret underground vault. It remains to open the casket, using the message from the scroll. And when the castle succumbed, inside the hero found gold bars, once hidden here by medieval knights.

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