How smart you are games

How smart you are games

Everyone has their own store of knowledge, and it is bulkier than the easier person to make a good impression on your knowledge. Let them difficult to extract, but this burden is light and makes life interesting and get desired profession. You can gain knowledge by any means, even if just to play free online games How smart you are. Options presented fun will identify and fill gaps annoying. Jobs with the words interesting and reckless. Many of them are familiar to you – among them are the gallows, Balda, intricate puzzles with words from different angles. You'll look for words in the bubbles, put the bricks, and even cook soup from them.

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The doctrine – the light

How smart you are games In this section, we have gathered all the clever games that can still be called logical, developmental and intellectual. They aim to develop memory, intuition, intelligence, attentiveness, and to strengthen these qualities. Never too late to begin to accumulate useful knowledge, but this is best done in early childhood, when intelligence is readily absorbs everything new. Malleable memory tenaciously grabs the science to create an archive on the basis of which will be built further human action, and the quality material formed the basis, will be able to develop more productive subject. Even so innocent and simple activities like tic-tac-toe, sea battle and the gallows will already be useful, but that the ability to develop, you need to constantly improve the level of problems.

Smart and funny games teach ease and be keen to apply logic thinking. Take, for example, quests, in which the weight assignments to find items and use them in different locations. Requires players to remember what he saw, because it can always come in handy at any time. For example,

  • writing on the wall  
  • the clock  
  • and the date of the inscription on the photos
  • The other numbers or words can serve as a code for opening chests, safes, suitcases, door

By intelligent toys include chess and checkers, mahjong and cards, as well as others where you want to ponder the next move. Even such a simple task as finding similar images, suggests a good memory, and picking up the pipe or wires – concentration and attentiveness. We do not notice how useful a rest, getting pleasure from the collection of puzzles. But they also require certain skills and the ability to see in small scattered pieces of continuation lines, which develop gradually together to open the full image.

The smart games for smart kids

How smart you are games How smart you are games Options for adults and children are sold in cartons and often collected illustrations converted into a picture – taken in the frame and hang on the wall. But they are more readily available in the virtual world, where a huge variety is able to satisfy all ages and tastes. Computer World, a place where smart games for girls are able to present the first lesson of economics, doing online business. Before you even open the road is not for women, as the construction of airports, railway tracks, it captivates and great joy when everything can be done right. Earning money first, if not real, the players immediately learn their elaborately invest in the development of the enterprise. Why not build your own jewelry store, sweets, fashion clothes, toys or not to open a hotel? One point would be a network of stores and learn how to manage all this wealth without risking real capital investment.

Sometimes smart games for kids online require knowledge of the physical and chemical laws. Mathematics is often acts as though jobs are not explicitly, but the notion of certain phenomena are necessarily present. For example, to send the object to a certain point, it is necessary to take into account the friction force, acceleration, interaction with other objects. Do not forget about the direction and the environment in which actions are performed. It is known that in conditions of weightlessness in water or everything happens completely wrong, both in the open space of the earth, and therefore, it is necessary to take into account amendments to the situation and act accordingly. In this section, you will learn new and interesting things and will develop existing skills. Looking us often, and always be on top!

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