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Race Around The Loop games

If you want to free to play into something fascinating and useful, open the online game Jungle Junction for kids. These stories are filled with light humor, but also help players become deft, careful, understand the importance of friendship. You will get acquainted with the unusual animals that travel on wheels. Here you will find the crab, which is a great dancer; blue elephant, the striker running water over a long distance; Zutera pig; zebra glasses and other inhabitants of the forest, ready to introduce you to the traffic rules and signs. Each character has something in common with machines for different purposes.
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Igry Jungle Junction: mechanical zveri

Chto just do not come up with the authors of children's film and game products, to create a cozy atmosphere for learning. In 2011, for the Russian-speaking audience is now available English animated series, which premiered in the UK took place in 2009, about the unusual animals that live in the jungle. He created the idea of ​​computer games Crossroads in the jungle, which continues to develop the children's theme in an original manner.
calculated these toys for pre-school audience, but because everything is full of bright colors, and what is happening is accompanied by a nice melody and sounds.

O inhabitants unusual dzhungley

Obitateli local forests have a funny look, and move through the wheels, which are adapted from them instead of the usual clutches. So much easier and faster to get to the place, especially if it is far away.
Since many small forest paths, main roads and intersections, it was necessary to put the road signs, which must be able to read every inhabitant of the forest. The animated series and the game Crossroads in the jungle to help kids learn about these signs. Try to apply this knowledge in practice, when the fall excuse to take a trip along the forest paths. If you get to know the heroes of history, in their company, you will be much more pleasant to acquire knowledge, and we invite the players to get to know the leading and supporting characters.

  • Perky pink pig Zuter.
  • Blue and round Ellivan elephant, climbs into the trunk of a lot of water, and then releasing it far ahead.
  • orange with brown rabbit ears Bungo, whose interests do signs and place them in the jungle. It is perfectly oriented to the terrain, he knows the geography of the timber and can tirelessly leap tall.
  • – Taksikrab red crab with talent dancer and composer delicious cocktails.
  • Orange Calla Charles, owner of a grocery store.
  • Green crocodile Crocker. His hobbies include gardening –, and it makes an excellent compost as a fertilizer for plants. His yellow helmet with red flashing lights.
  • Yellow hippo, whose name can be translated as"school bus"– Hippobus.
  • Purple Rhino Lance.
  • Bobby
  • – toucan and the police chief.
  • Bull builder bulldozer. He loves to dig and repair the damage to the road.
  • Miss Jolie – Zebra, worked as a school teacher. He wears glasses and has a wise advice.
  • Grumpy green toad Roadhog. He loves worms and catches its long sticky tongue of flying insects.  

That's the company is waiting for those who will have fun in the game Crossroads in the jungle. Each character is something unique and attractive, able to teach the kids important skills and knowledge.

Igrovye perspektivy

Veselaya bestial company is the unusual inhabitants of the forest, but just that she is attractive. Opening the game Crossroads in the jungle, you can have fun in the following areas:

  • Pazly
  • Sbor subjects overcoming prepyatstviy
  • Gonki
  • Na lovkost

Malenky Skgi chick must learn a lot, but he needs the help of other animals, and they are willing to gladly take care of the baby. They need to feed him tasty seeds, bathe, when it gets dirty, and learn to fly.
Since the animals in the jungle Game Crossroads love fast driving, you are waiting for an interesting race, reminiscent of attraction. Then, passing the route, you will easily and quickly.
Now with Ellevanom go to the track, collecting the falling coconuts, but do not step on a banana skin and puddles, so as not to lose points earned.

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