Circuit racing games

Circuit racing games

The most common and familiar to us even in the first embodiment, the game is a racing circuit. It closed the road and the driver, winding through it following wins in speed and points. It can be several times to overtake rivals on the track, but because this road is replete with twists and turns, you can easily go the distance, do not fit into another at high speed. Work before the race you can as much as necessary, to open a free online version of racing. And to play it even more interesting, look for unusual subjects, such as race in outer space, on the water or in the blue sky.

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Games ring races – drive on the circle

Circuit racing games Ring race were among the first computer games. Continue to develop and they are now becoming more and more diverse on Scene filling and opportunities. The same type of machines, differing only in color now take on individuality. Pre-tuning, you can hold a car or motorcycle, making it original. Now, get it out on the road and wait for the signal to start. In the future all depends on the skill of your manipulations.

The opponents are trying to get around you, cut and even pushed off the track. Do not try to repeat their rudeness, not to run into the penalty. If you are in a simulator, circuit races online games open up additional opportunities – stop for quick repairs and refueling, switch types from the general plan for the review of the first person. Some flash toys use similar jobs by offering kids pass a small quest with bathing, dressing and changing the wheels of the car before the race.

There will be a joyful meeting with the heroes of the cartoon "Cars", where everyone is trying to win a major trophy. Mario Fixico Ben 10, Santa and other characters are not averse to compete on speed and extreme experience. Before them on the road certainly arise jumps and obstacles that need to go round, so care should be increased.

Circuit racing games   Features of annular races

The annular called those races that occur on closed tracks. Classics Formula 1 is (2,3), GP1 (2,3), Super Production, Touring, but karting and rally-cross although also held on closed roads to the circuit races do not apply.

track with a smooth flat surface called the motor racing track, and it also has its own characteristics:

  • The complex of buildings intended for the audience and the content of the art.
  • The race track with white markings.
  • The track has elements of security – mesh shoulder, stopping fence relegation zone.
  • The ring trail converges at one point – the departure point of the machine and the finish line are the same.

Games ring races beyond the traditional framework

When in reality apply stricter rules for the racing circuit, the computer fun can afford to move away from the rigid boundaries.

Circuit racing games You can play ring games drift racing, driving a car on an icy road. The machine fills with mild deviation from a straight course. Particularly difficult to cope with it on the turns, but that's the essence of lies – The machine must be entered. There will be several tasks – In the first case it is necessary to repeat the movement of the leading car as accurately as possible, at other times to try to bypass the other participants.

Racing on the water even more difficult to be attributed to the circuit races, but they are also present in this collection. Motor boats, yachts and boats staged a real show, lifting splashes. Everyone is trying to finish the race first, in vybivshis leaders. We cheer for you, and it should give you the excitement and energy to be a winner.

Sometimes one of the tasks will be the destruction. Crashed at full speed in the other car, and the steeper will cause an accident involving several objects, the better your ranking. To go into space, you will not only leaves the race track, but also the planet. And yet, you are in the category of the race, so start the engine, maneuvering between asteroids, bypassing others.

Arrange the race office on chairs and floor polishers help do the job faster than the other, completing the cleaning on the site. And since we are so enthusiastic, so turn on the race here on dogs and horses.

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