Twisted Whiskers games

Twisted Whiskers games

Such cheerful and funny stories as a free online game Twisted Whiskers, had never seen. They want to play again and again. In order to achieve significant results, start the game over again, until you collect all the rewards for passing. Here is a funny and big-eyed animals that are in their curiosity sometimes get into trouble. Playing with them, you will understand how they see the world around us, and that they are interested in. Stand up in their place, and you will learn the importance of such cases, as the turning claws on the back of the sofa or the hunt for fleas. The animals have enough worries, and each class should be given time.
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Do not miss, this is the game itself with a mustache!

Twisted Whiskers games Twisted Whiskers games The American animated series managed to amuse the audience with fascinating stories of animals, and inspired to create the game of Sami with a mustache. Thanks to them, players can plunge into the world of furry creatures, go on adventures with them, seeing the world around them with their eyes.
If you watched your pets or like programs about animals, you know how different they can be. At one moment they are cute creatures, and the next these are ugly creatures. They find themselves in different situations, and sometimes cause insurmountable laughter. Having opened the game Sami with a mustache, help the four-legged heroes to solve the problems that arise before them. They are subject to irresistible curiosity, and with huge eyes look at the world.
This is a reason to find out how they perceive the surrounding space, how they understand it, and what they do about people and other objects inhabiting it.
They are not always met with warmth, but they are able to adapt. The main thing is to help each other, put your shoulder and cover your back. Seeing how selflessly they act, people do not interfere with learning from them. This science is always available, and you can learn the theorems of mutual assistance, participation formulas and rules of kindness by playing yourself with the mustache.

Funny Heroes

You can't wait to get acquainted with the heroes of the adventures that are to be shared with them, and therefore meet:

  • Crazy Squirrel
  • Kit with huge blue eyes
  • Big adult cat with a miniature head, which makes his figure comical
  • A pair of runaway cats
  • Bear, who decided that he was abducted by aliens

These are just a few leading characters, without which the stories can't do. They are instigators and mischievous, all the time in a situation from which we must urgently seek a way out. On their way there are other characters that complement the events. And what you have prepared the game themselves with a mustache, will soon find out.

Jumping with your pets

Twisted Whiskers games Twisted Whiskers games Start your acquaintance and adventure with your four-legged friends. They are happy to include you in their company, because they are also interested in sharing mischief with new friends. Those games themselves with a mustache, which are available to you on the site, will make leisure fun and varied. Over time, the gaming range will become wider, but now you can enjoy exciting events.
Choose one of the presented glass balls in which it snows, if you shake them. In one, the cat tries to reach the mouse, which serves as the tip for the Christmas tree, but this is harder to do than imagined. The kitten folded one of the other gift boxes, climbed over, and almost reached out. He lacks a few centimeters to get to the desired, but to solve this dilemma, you just have to. What awaits you in other balls, it will also be interesting to find out when it is their turn, but for now you see a toothy bulldog resting at the fireplace with Christmas decorations, and in the third ball the fugitive cats decided to slide down the mountain on skis.
In another game with a mustache, the friends are very busy with important things: scratching claws on the sofa, driving fleas, catching fish, tagging a hydrant, and completing many more urgent tasks. Each is given only a few seconds of time to have time to show the best result. Points and rewards are awarded for this, and you can play until you get the highest score.
The variant of the game "three in a row" is close to experienced players. You need to collect a lot of fish in the aquarium, rearranging on the field of multi-colored fish so that they will be in line. But the cunning kitten manages to haul from the aquarium catch, complicating your task.

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