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Open free online games Egyxos to play in the most exciting, unbelievable stories together with Leo Walker. From childhood he was interested in the history of ancient Egypt, and the grandfather gave him a surprise - a magical bracelet pharaoh. Moving in history, the boy kept his head, and began to learn the secrets and mysteries. With him you will visit inside the pyramids and will have to survive, avoiding the pitfalls. Only gathered artifacts and get the keys, you can go further. You also theirs fighting with mummies and demons, ballooning, puzzles and solving logical brainteasers of varying complexity.
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Egyptian Games full of puzzles

Egyxos games Egyxos games It is impossible to remain indifferent to the history of ancient Egypt. This country of secrets is full of mysteries, which still have not received answers. If you play Egyptian games for free, you will find yourself in the thick of the events of an ancient civilization, and you will try to contribute to the study of pyramids and rare phenomena, and now scientists are surprised.

You will get acquainted with the main character, and learn his amazing story. You will open the paths to the Egyptian games for free, and carry you on an endless journey through centuries and space.

History Leo

Leo Walker is the name of a twelve-year-old boy who has had an incredibly amazing story. It began when the boy was very small, but already then he was interested in the history of Egypt. Seeing this, the grandfather decides to give his grandson an amazing thing the bracelet of Pharaoh himself. He asks Leo to put on and never remove the jewelry, but fearing to lose such a precious thing, the boy hides it in the chest.
Years pass, and the gift continues to lie in the cache, until one day in the city museum opens a grand exhibition of famous artifacts from excavations in Egypt. Leo realizes that a real pleasure awaits him, and in order to make him more vivid, he removes a bracelet from the chest to put on the exhibition.
In spite of the fact that thieves visited the museum the day before, the exhibition was not canceled, although one of the halls is closed. But it is in the department of Egyptology that Leo dreams to get. Despite the teacher’s refusal to look there, the boy himself goes to meet his fate. He does not know yet, but the Fatum wheel has already begun to spin, bringing a whirlpool of adventure closer.
In the hall, he meets Professor Kirbin, who immediately shows interest in the bracelet and knows his name from somewhere. Leo learns that the artifact is a pointer to the heir and descendant of Amon Ra, and the last pharaoh concluded a superpower in the little thing, which is now awake, and transferred the young man through a temporary loop to the desert since the time of the pharaohs. Demons and fire whirlwinds immediately swooped down on him, and nothing remains but to master superpower on the move.
Free Games Egyptus also prepared their adventures, and you have to explore possible options.

Various plots of the game Egyptus

  • Duels
  • Pictures, strengthening memory
  • Pazzy
  • Adventures
  • Quests with things
  • Motorcycle racing
  • Labyrinths

Egyxos games Egyxos games These directions give an idea of ​​what you have to face, and in order to enjoy each story, you have to go all in turn.
Game Power Egyptus will show what gift Leo received from his grandfather along with a bracelet. Once in ancient Egypt, he faced deities whom he considered pagan fiction, but now they attack him, and only a super-power will help a young man to withstand all rounds against ancient evil. He will also meet mummies as opponents, who attack the hero with sharp blades, and he is forced to defend himself, holding back more and more enemy forces at each round.
But the most fascinating part of Egyptus online games is, nevertheless, a ferment through the maze of pyramids in search of treasure. What tricks does not go to Leo to get into the most dangerous zones. He climbs the balls into the narrow mines, jumps over the abyss, looks for a way to move to the opposite shore of the lake, solves a lot of puzzles and collects keys to open the doors to the next location.
Explore with him the riddle of the sign that appeared on one of the jugs of the local potter. After firing an eye appeared on the wall of the vessel, and he clearly points to something. What does he mean? find the truth. And then strengthen the memory using memory cards.

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