Memory games

Memory games

The most important thing for a person is his memory. Without this information it is impossible to remember, to learn a profession and become an expert. To train her to start useful free online games on memory. Topics of the offer to play with characters from cartoons, it was interesting to take the job. Memorize the picture on the cards, and then open the same. Look at the picture and capture in the memory of all the details, and then again in the paint. Music lessons are also included – after listening to a few sounds, try to use the same key to repeat the melody.

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Memory games. Games for the brain In the games on the development of memory useful to play all

The mental abilities of the person is not fully understood, because the brain is the most mysterious organ. But everyone knows that it is necessary to constantly train, develop, to enhance its own intelligence. Much depends on the ability to remember new information coming. Imagine that your brain rubber, and it should be gradually stretched to fit a new piece of knowledge. Without regular exercise, he will lose the flexibility, elasticity, and will zakosteneet cracked like an eraser. It is worth a little get lazy and stop to feed the memory, it weakens and becomes a sieve – It loses even the information that has been accumulated previously.

food for thought necessary to deliver systematically and at any age, increasing the level of complexity of brainteasers. And now we start with games on memory for girls to develop was interesting.

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Memory games. Games for the brain There are many ways to strengthen and expand its memory. But before you go to a difficult exercise, much more fun to go play on the development of memory with cartoon characters and comic book heroes, fairy tales, fantasy stories. These colorful fun can be divided into groups:

  • risovalka
  • Cards
  • Musical games
  • Economic games
  • New items

On games on the memory more

Draw and paint like everything, but now try a new job. Note the exact figure, open to explore a few seconds, and then repeat the colors that were used in the original, to create similar. Also, the pictures may be extra details that you also have to remember visually, then to eliminate from the copy.

The most common variant of games on memory – cards or their analogue (beads, bubbles, and other stars). Here is a series of objects are placed, turned inside out to you. Just click on one, you deploy it to illustrate to him. At this moment to remember all the details, then to find among the other pictures the same. Each found a couple goes out, disappearing or remaining open.

Memory games. Games for the brain Free online games on the memory tinged with musical love creative people. Memorize play the melody and what strings, keyboards or drums have been involved in any manner in order to then repeat the task on their own. Similarly, with dancing – reproduce all the movements that have shown you the character.

You can still go to work in a restaurant, where customers bought a specific set of components of food. Remember in exactly the order, gather the ingredients on a plate for a burger or a sequence of layers of filling and sweet cakes cupcake. If you make a mistake at least one item, the buyer will refuse food, and will have to repeat the process again.

An interesting option when you need to remember the range of objects in the room. The screen turns off for a few seconds, and when it will appear again, will look for a new object. The game will continue until such time as you can not go wrong.

The boys also useful to train your memory. Imagine that you liked the girl, and you're asking for her phone number, but write it down anywhere. We'll have to rely on your memory, memorizing a series of numbers. It is better to work out now to life to be ready for such a situation.

Topics include memory and attentiveness. Variety of gameplay scenes to search for the ball under the thimble or squeaks this avatar among several clones. A mahjong will relax and porelaksirovat, looking identical tiles and optimal stroke to remove them from the field.

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