Ratchet and Clank games

Ratchet and Clank games

Games Ratchet and Clank are endowed with a fascinating storyline. Where heroes defend the life of the planet, battling with a mad robot factory director - grapnel and his like-minded Captain Quark. A small robot and a representative of the race lombaks are not afraid of difficulties, fighting with the enemies. We also offer a free to play online games, in which you have to show the talent, courage and intelligence. Select a character, and opposed the army of enemies, shooting them with laser weapons. Having won the battle, collect image - Fifteen, to reveal the characters and train memory.
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Ratchet and Clank Games: Somewhere in Space

Ratchet and Clank games Ratchet and Clank games Introducing Ratchet and Clank games to you, it is worth recalling the story of a wonderful platformer, the first part of which appeared in 2002. thanks to the work of the company Insomniac. This gaming product was developed as an exclusive toy for the Sony PlayStation, and its plot won millions of boyish hearts.
On one of the planets, there is a factory for assembling combat robots, but one day it crashes, and instead of the impressive size of the titanium, mindlessly executing the master's orders, a small, frail, very kind robot (Clank) with the ability to think and analyze comes off the tape.

The factory is managed by director Drek, who, as the defective robot found out, dreams of unconditional power over the universe. Having stolen the infobot with the director’s detailed plan recorded in it, the robot hijacks the spacecraft. They are being chased after him, during which the hero has to make an emergency landing on the planet Veldin, where he meets Ratchet, who is building interstellar ships.

Clank shows Ratchet a video with Drak’s insidious plan. He is allegedly concerned about the rapid growth of population in the galaxy, and therefore is going to choose several planets, empty their resources, then blow up, and build space bases from the wreckage.

After listening to this story, Ratchet remembers Captain Quark, and decides that he alone is able to solve the situation. However, new information pops up that Captain supports Drak. The heroes manage to get rid of it, but only after two battles.

Kapitan Drek manages to blow up several planets before the heroes attack his trail, but since then they have managed to prevent several of his insidious plans. The decisive battle takes place on Veldin, as a result of which the villain was thrown at a meteorite and blown up with him.
After these events, the heroes become friends and partners, allowing you to create new Ratchet and Clank games.

Leading characters of the game Ratchet and Klank

  • Ratchet and Clank games Ratchet and Clank games Ratchet lives on the planet Veldin and is a member of the Lombax race. He has a small tail and large pointed ears, and his body is covered with short honey-colored hair. He is kind by nature, but he can lose his temper if there is a reason. His dreams of glory warm, but it cannot be said that this was his goal in life. Ratchet likes large-caliber weapons, but since he is a mechanic, his usual companion has a large wrench.
  • Clank Ratchet's constant companion during the game of Ratchet and Clank. He is a small robot, and usually hangs on his partner's shoulders as a backpack. It has a rocket engine, a helicopter propeller and a motor from a submarine. These devices allow it to move in all planes. Resorting to the action of special rays. Clank can become 1000 times larger, and then rockets fly out of his hands, and he gains tremendous power.
  • Captain Quark antihero of the game Ratchet and Clank, without which this story would have been impossible. He constantly leads the hunt for a couple of heroes, but is defeated. When I realized that I could no longer oppose them, I became a seller of gadgets. But here he finds a way to engage in fraud. Once having lost his memory, he found himself on the side of good, although he retained such unattractive features as the dream of glory and greed.

Game World

Open Ratchet and Clank games to make a puzzle with new friends, find the differences in the pictures, color the picture. You are waiting for a dynamic shooter in which the selected character must be repulsed from the attacks of enemies. And when you're done, pick up each pair of pictures in the memory game.

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