Back to the sweet country - play online

Back to the sweet country - play online

Looking for positive fun? Then we offer to play free online games Back to the sweet country. For several episodes you will travel in a world where every detail is made up of sweets. The main game pieces are multi-colored fruit marmalade, and it should be collected on the court by clicking the mouse on clusters of three elements. However, it is better if you destroy large groups in order to quickly collect the necessary points, earn bonuses, and complete the main level task in the allotted number of steps. The toy quickly captures, captivating with its beauty.
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Appetite games Back to the sweet country

Games Back to the Sweet Country Online "Three in a row" the direction of toys, which remains in demand, despite the genre abundance. Surely you also have some favorite fun in this vein, but we want to offer amazing games Back to the sweet country that diversify your collection.

This bright and dynamic toy is presented in series where each one looks juicy and catchy. Its elements are jelly sweets, which shake fruitfully. One would like to feast on lemon yellow, apple green, strawberry red, blackberry purple marmalades. If you are a real sweet tooth, it will be difficult for you to resist not to go on a journey Back to the sweet country of playing online.

Game Management

Every child is a real sweet tooth, and the opportunity to go to a country where there are no restrictions on delicacies will be a true delight. The control principle is quite simple, and it comes down to the fact that you only need to press on clusters of identical figures to knock them off the field.
The minimum group of 3 elements, but the more of them, the more generous will be the reward during the game Back to the country of sweets.
In addition to points to the account, you will receive bonus pieces, which have some useful properties:

  • Blowing up figures around him, bringing you additional profit
  • Shoot up and to the sides with shining rays, hitting all the chips on their way
  • Break open elements of the same type on the field.

Games Back to the Sweet Country Online These abilities do not open immediately, but as the player moves through the levels. On each of them you get a task, and must complete it for the released moves. If with the last step you did not achieve the desired result, the level will start anew, and so on until you succeed.

The stars complete the levels that show how well you completed the mission. If it was possible to complete the task of the game Back to the candy country earlier, saving steps and time, such a feat would be rewarded with three stars and extra points.

The gameplay begins with quite simple levels, gradually increasing the difficulty. Managing events is absolutely simple, because you just click on the chips with the mouse, and they disappear.

However, it happens that the elements become unsuccessful on the site, and then there are no options available to go further. But you will not have time to be upset, because there will be a shuffling of elements, and in the new scenario there will definitely be options for further manipulations.

Adventures in the sugar world

Games Back to the Sweet Country Online Open games Back to the sweet country online for free to conquer the chocolate mountains, swim across the sweet river, stroll in the candy garden. Before you are fantastic, fabulous landscapes in which ponds attract sweet honey and honey, cotton candy grows on the trees, donuts are ripe on the bushes, multicolored lollipops are dazzling in the beds, and walking along the path from the marshmallow. Even the rain here if it happens, so only from the drops.

Playing such games is one pleasure, and not only children. Offer parents any part, and their ears can not be dragged away from the fun.
The longer you play, the more you improve, and this affects the results. Soon you will be able to set personal records, improving previous performance passing levels in fewer minutes, but with a large baggage of points.

You are guaranteed the pleasure of free passage, because no one will remain indifferent when there is such beauty, a riot of colors, cheerful music, a variety of actions and gaming excitement around.

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