Match 3 games

Match 3 games

We offer exciting free games 3 in a row online. Anyone who loves the logical fun, find a tempting offer and will be able to collect the items in the chain, gaining game points and closer to personal records. Classic options and new items are collected in the range, which is constantly updated. Run toy right on your computer and follow the rules and win round by round, and colorful, shimmering and bright elements on the playing field will please the eye.

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These various games in a series of three line

Match 3 games online Who does not know the game online 3 in a row? These people are definitely not in it, you can be sure one hundred percent. Anyone who has ever opened sections with game sites, I could not pass up such an attractive color and toys like these. They are full of bright colors, funny faces, pirate motifs, shiny stones, underwater beauty and diversity of others. Even without knowing what lies under the gameplay, the hand itself unwittingly pulled open the attractive picture. And with the first moves it is simply impossible to break away from the fun and switch to something else.

Online Games 3 in a row is really fascinating and do not let go. However, their gameplay is so simple that any beginner is easy to get up and running in just a few minutes.

Possible online games 3 in a row

In various toys available nuances and rules, but the essence of them all is the same. • One of the ways it is a permutation of chips on the field, so they lined up in a single chain. The control is a computer mouse and the player drags the elements in italics. Once the necessary details have united in a line, they will disappear and in their place there are others.


  • On another occasion, to form such a line would have to shoot a gun at a makeshift group of objects at the top of the site. Precision guarantees famous shot up – the disappearance of the same image. But when the shot did not reach the target, the upper part of the field can fall down, blocking a space and preventing thus further manipulation. The more unsuccessful moves, the less chance to win a round.
  • Match 3 games online Sometimes things are in motion, but do not expect your turn in the stillness. The famous Zuma looks like a snake running in a spiral, and to destroy all of its colorful balls in the inner layers, we must first deal with the outside. The purpose of this fun – to prevent penetration into the house chain, otherwise the game will end. During the game 3 in a row online will appear in additional features that facilitate the job. But they appear only when the player earns a certain amount of points, and for that every step should be the most productive.  

Soon you will be available to the rays, helps to better to aim to the objects; balloons bomb, dividing not only the chain but also the neighboring elements; Universal balls that you can attach to groups of any color in order to destroy it, as well as many other features that are present in different versions in different game versions.

Advantages Games 3 in a number

Match 3 games online Among the great variety of present games online 3 in a row for an audience of children and adults players. As the entourage accompanying fun endow their subjects, which gives the product a certain charm and mood. There are even options for volume, which does not limit the 3D image in the space of a flat dimension, but the emergence of new conditions and parameters makes the game more demanding and complex logic of the player.

Multiple levels will not let you get bored or frustrated fast finale. Having successfully completed one stage, you will see that next is more difficult. Then you will need to limit the concentration to have time to react to changes in the situation on the field and use the bonus at the right time. And when the toy runs complete your victory, we are confident that you will be hard to resist the temptation to start over again to experience the intensity of emotions and excitement that is inherent to all players. Well, choose a new adventure, learn the rules of the game and successful your passing!

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