Bobo The Naughty Boy games

Bobo The Naughty Boy games

Free online Bobo The Naughty Boy games will return all adults back to his distant childhood, and children will be shown how not to do it. Robert since his childhood loved to play, and his parents wanted him to know, and knew how everything in the world. Therefore, from a very young age, they hired a boy of different teachers in all subjects. The kid, waiting for the teacher to get distracted, and immediately began to have fun. Unfortunately, he continued to do that at school, for which he was left after school. Playing with Bob for free is a lot of fun, as long as adults don't notice anything, otherwise the punishment won't keep you waiting.
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Funny Bobo The Naughty Boy games

Bobo The Naughty Boy games online Bobo The Naughty Boy games fun entertainment for children, adults, they will also help a little to escape from the worries, and have a little fun, remembering a distant childhood. Both the smallest users and people of solid age can play in them; undoubtedly quite simple actions can only cause a smile.

All once were children, parents require their children to be diligent, do useful things and learn well. Children, in turn, have completely different plans. They want to play and have fun, and not sit at the desk studying textbooks and solving problems. So, adults demand what the younger generation does not want to do, this is the main conflict. Bobo The Naughty Boy games online

Bobo The Naughty Boy games talk about a child named Robert, for friends just Bobo. He tries to be good, but nature takes its toll. As soon as he falls out of sight of adults and teachers, he immediately tries to do his own thing, and the main thing is not to get caught in self-indulgence.

The developers have released only four parts of the game, they are short, so, like the main character, users can find a moment and have some fun in front of the monitor, while no one sees. All versions of the game Bobo naughty boy free, they do not need money, neither play, nor real. Work online, loaded in a few seconds. Ideal for a quick break.

Bobo The Naughty Boy games: Interactive for kids

The game process is simple, users need to have fun with the hero while the adults are busy with something, or are distracted. All versions are controlled by simply pressing the left mouse button. There is only one difficulty, there is a timer in the game, so players must have time to fill out the blue scale of fun before time runs out. The faster the player copes, the more points he earns.

Save your achievements:

  • Having come up with a name at the end of the game;
  • Choosing a country;
  • Earn the most points.

Players with the best response and attention will lead the ranking tables. To enter the top ten among thousands of users is a real victory.

Bobo The Naughty Boy games online In all parts of Bobo The Naughty Boy games, the stories are different, they are not connected into a single storyline. It all starts with the fact that Bobo left after school. The teacher put the losers at the table to rewrite the test, but Robert wants to play. So, when a tired teacher closes his eyes, the players, along with the hero, need to grab the joystick and play, but if the teacher notices, it won't be sweet, the level is failed.

In another game, Bob did not learn lessons, at this time he tried to teach a grumpy neighbor old man, not giving him a pass. When the time came to write a test paper, a careless student certainly did not know the answers. There was enough time for preparation only to write cheat sheets. In this version, the main task of the player will be to help Robert pass the control.

The teacher is stern, he carefully observes the students, and only in one single moment, when he turns his back on the class, can Bob take out his saving hint.

Third and fourth part of the game Bobo, a naughty boy takes players into the past. They meet with a very young boy. His parents took care of him, so many rehearsals visited him. They all tried to prepare the boy for the first class. From such care, Robert had no time left for the games, maybe that's why he grew up naughty.

All versions of the Bobo The Naughty Boy games are essentially the same, only the story changes, however, the process is very fun and addictive.

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