Mushroom Madness games

Mushroom Madness games

Mushroom Madness games online have a very correct name. Starting to play for free, you instantly plunge into a dynamic, exciting gameplay. You have a good choice of weapons, but you have to buy it for the earned currency. Even a simple fly swatter is useful in combating the invasion of the forest beast. The animals are attracted to mushroom meadows, and you need to protect the harvest from gluttonous animals - this is what your job is like a watchman. Earn currency in mini games or destroy unwanted guests, and also open boxes to get bonuses in the form of weapons or precious stones.
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These funny Mushroom Madness games!

Mushroom Madness games online Before you play Mushroom madness, presented in series. This is a mix of farm and shooter most popular among gamers. You will find yourself in the role of a watchman who must protect glades with mushrooms from gluttonous animals that live in the nearby forests.

At first it seemed that this would be the most boring work possible, where the only entertainment is watching how the mushrooms grow. However, on the first day it became clear that here every day, as in the war. Small rodents are drawn from all sides, attracted to the meadow with mushrooms and their pleasant aromas.

No one expected such an invasion of hungry mouths, so the guard was armed only with a fly swatter and electric shock. This equipment was not idle. From the first minutes it became clear that they need to work very intensively to get rid of insolent freeloaders.

Dangerous work of the watchman

Looking at the guard of the Mushroom Madness games, you start to think that he is from the former military so cleverly he treats with any weapon. Arsenal is gradually increasing, and every next thing looks more dangerous and deadlier. Since you act on behalf of the watchman, you will master:

  • Different traps
  • Even the atomic bomb

Such terrible weapons are explained by the fact that the forest animals are also becoming more dangerous, large and numerous.

  • Dube
  • Skirt
  • Klushku
  • Electroshocker
  • Pistol
  • Target
  • Minutes
  • Automatic

If in the beginning you get squirrels, a rabbit and hedgehogs, then snakes will crawl, ferocious bears will go hunting for mushrooms.

Mushroom Madness games online We must constantly be in motion, shooting and fighting off animals. While you crack down on one, the two get even closer to their prey. You shoot them, and on the other hand a couple of arrogant urchins are already carrying away on their needles the most select, juicy and fragrant mushrooms. Rather, deal with the kidnappers, and in your account will be a few gold coins.

We destroy more earns adequately

Mushroom Madness games madness serves to acquire new weapons, traps and other necessary things. You will see for yourself that with increasing numbers of animals you can not do without more lethal weapons, which can massively deal with unwanted guests. Mushroom Madness games online

There are additional mini games in which you can earn gold for the purchase of useful things. Work night watchman, guarding the apple orchard from bats and owls. The shooting is to be noble, but coins are poured on you, as from a cornucopia.

Walking through the locations of the Mushroom Madness games, you are waited and weather change. It's not very pleasant to work in the rain, but there is no way out, when the animals became more active, and climb from all sides. Fight off from them a frying pan, tennis racket, arrange traps, shoot from submachine-guns and pistols, throw bombs. At any time you can change the type of weapon to another one, which is represented at the current level, but try to save it.

In the boxes, crystals and safes you have useful bonuses, but you can get them by striking several blows on the object. Some break faster, others need more effort. For example, cardboard boxes open faster than wooden ones, and for a safe you need to use a key, which must first be taken away from the bats. Opening the safe, you will find there precious stones that will bring much more currency than ordinary coins. With the advent of safes, there are new mini games in which you will earn one of the currencies.

All parts of the game series continue the script, gradually developing it, introducing interesting additions.

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