Farm Express Games

Farm Express Games

For a business to be successful, entrepreneurs must control all processes. Being engaged in farming, you will sometimes have to personally do the dirty work, and the transportation of goods is also included in the list of duties. There are free online farm express games before you, and now you will play driving a tractor to which a trailer is attached. Ripened fruits are loaded into it, and you are in a hurry to take them to their destination. This is an important, responsible task, because the road ahead is bumpy. If you accelerate too much, you can lose control, roll over, and lose the entire crop.
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Farm Express Games: transporting goods

This year, the harvest of tomatoes, pumpkins, carrots and other crops exceeded all expectations. Farmers are happy collecting it from the beds, sorting them into boxes, sending them to the warehouse, to processing and to the market. This amount is exactly enough to feast on vitamins before the harvest of the next year, as well as sell the surplus, and get a solid profit. Farm Express Games Online

The entrepreneurs already plan that they will buy from machinery, seeds, tools to improve the quality of their work, to facilitate their task in growing the crop. But this is still in the plans, but now it is necessary to quickly deliver the harvested vegetables to the warehouse and customers, until they deteriorate. This is to be done by playing Farm Express Games, where the driver famously drives a tractor with a trailer loaded with ripe fruit.

  • The control is done with the arrows and the space bar.
  • Razgonyatsya on flat sections of the road
  • Slide speed before steep ascents and descents
  • Jump over the cliffs
  • Try not to roll over, not to lose cargo

The main task of the Farm Express Games

Your rush is understandable, because you want to deliver your goods to the market before the rest, set the price and sell it faster. Your profit and business depend on it. But remember the saying, which says, who hastens, he will laugh the hens. You must be able to hurry slowly, then you will have time to save everything and save valuable goods. Of course, you don’t need to drag at all in the tail, but there is no need to rush headlong too.

Farm Express Games Online Keeping a moderate speed, you will have time to react when there is a steep ascent, break or descent ahead. In such cases, it is better not to risk, but to slow down, slowing down a bit, so that on the next stretch of road, when the danger is over, to pick up the pace again.

V trailer tractor open top, and vegetables when shaking begin to jump. Even such a slight concussion can damage the fruits, and dents and cracks will appear on them, and this is a loss of presentation. So they will rot faster, and you will not have time to sell them. If, however, it is especially hard to accelerate, the trailer will fly up much higher on uneven roads, vegetables will begin to jump high, and you risk losing most of them. Upon arrival, you simply have nothing to unload, and this is a minus to you reputation and glasses, symbolizing money.

Targets and management

Farm Express games are similar to other toys, where you also need to deliver goods. Here, players are not forced to perform additional manipulations that are usually present in farm games: sowing, watering, harvesting, building enterprises, and so on. The main idea of ​​the game farm express is precisely in the delivery of cargo, keeping it whole and in full. It requires driving skills, good response. Overcoming the route, you arrive at your destination, where you need to unload, to go for a new party. Farm Express Games Online

Keys are provided for these simple manipulations:

  • We control the tractor with arrows
  • Press the space bar to lower the trailer
  • With a mouse, we move the levers to another position

Everything looks simple and clear. It takes only a couple of minutes to get used to running the farm express game, to feel the road and the car, to get used to the physical parameters. You are waiting for the dust-free work, but very responsible, and it's time to go on a journey to fulfill the mission. Passing levels, you gain mastery, and already faster, better cope with the work. This is wonderful, because there are still a lot of tons of vegetables to be transported, beating competitors in this race for profit.

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