Farm Games Online

Farm Games Online

From the noisy city, we go to play free Farms games online. Here you will learn how to work the land, raising livestock and crops. But this is only a small part of the requirements that must be adhered to. You also have to deal with the trade of the harvested crops and the food production to sell them on the market. Sometimes predators will attack your animals and birds, but they can be dealt with. If you manage to deliver them to the city, you will also get a good amount of money. Fertile lands will not always be at your disposal, and sometimes you will have to develop icy deserts.

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Nature is calling!

Farm Games Summer, village, warm sun, cold river, fresh milk, fresh eggs from under the laying hen - how great it is to live in the village, the city aborigine will think. It seems to him that the villagers are lucky because by enjoying contact with nature, eating fresh food without chemicals, and going out into the yard, they don’t have to dress up in front of a mirror and it’s enough to stay in shorts just to not be naked. The one who grew up in the stone jungle can think like this and contact with nature is always a holiday for him. But as soon as he experiences all the delights of working on the ground and in the barn, his enthusiasm will diminish and he will want to return to the coolness of supermarkets and shelves littered with goods for every taste, where you can even buy:

  • overseas fruits
  • seafood
  • semi-finished products
  • ready meals

The farmer’s life cannot be called easy, but today there is an opportunity to make his work easier with mechanized systems. And if you play farm games free, you will get an idea of all the nuances of such a business. However, at the very beginning, don't count on upgrading the land, you will have to work a lot with a shovel and hands before useful machines and large capital become available to you.

All great things require painstaking beginnings from small things, and you are no exception. Mow the grass and sell it to neighbors who will feed it to their livestock, and you pay a couple of dollars for it. A trifle, but nice. Whatever, this is money. Of course, it’s not so much, but you can already buy seeds of some unpretentious crops. Here you plant tomatoes with cucumbers, then it's up to pepper, peas, or other plants. It all depends on what demand is currently on the market. If you choose the wrong vegetable at your own discretion, no one will buy it from you, and it will simply take up precious space in the warehouse.

Become an expert farmer by playing Farm Games online

Farm Games Farm Games During the farm games, you become a businessman, and the world of capitalism is cruel and doesn’t tolerate when its laws are violated. Keep an eye on the required product and try to meet these requests. Take the harvest to the market and sell it at the best prices. Little by little, your profit will increase and you are already a happy owner of a watering system. No more dragging life-giving moisture from a well and watering seedlings from a bucket.

You also have to keep up with harvesting, and when you are alone on a plot that is constantly growing in size, you begin to think about purchasing a tractor and a harvester. Don't worry, your hands will reach them too. When you become known in the market, you will receive requests from restaurants, stores, and hotels to conclude a contract. By accepting such an agreement, you are obliged to comply with the delivery deadlines for a certain quantity of goods. You must follow them impeccably, otherwise, they will stop doing business with you, and you will lose profit. In addition to products of plant origin, you can always choose the direction in animal husbandry, breeding chickens, geese, sheep, cows, pigs, and other animals.

The fun farm games are open for you around the clock and accept everyone into the ranks of farmers. Make your animals happy by caring for them conscientiously. You feed them with grain, sow green pastures for them, protect them from predators, and they, in turn, give you milk, eggs, fluff, and wool. Free farm games are presented in a variety, and you can easily find the direction you are interested in. Every time you open online farm games, you get a new opportunity to take place as an experienced field worker. Prove to yourself and the villagers that the city dweller is quite capable of coping with hard work on earth if you approach the matter wisely.

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