Snoring Games

Snoring Games

Free online Snoring Games is also called - "Wake up the elephant." In this logical toy you will play, pushing the elephant into the abyss just for the fact that he snores strongly. He pulled out all the animals in the area, and they gathered to put an end to this. They jump on him, push and kick, sacrifice themselves, just to wake up Sonia. Initially, this is possible with a light touch, but further it is necessary to increase the momentum, because he does not react to modest pushes. It will help only if you shove him into the abyss. It will not hurt him at all, and on a new level he again with us, starts his uterine song.
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Snoring Games: bestial methods

When someone snores nearby, it is impossible to sleep. It's amazing how the human body can make such awesome sounds! This phenomenon more than once became a cause for jokes in the cinema and among friends, and now you have snoring in front of you. If you are familiar with it from personal experience, you know that it is very difficult to deal with it. It is necessary to wake up a person, ask him to roll over on the other side, and snoring seems to stop. In this short period it is very important to have time to fall asleep yourself.

Snoring games online Heroes of the Snoring Games, too, faced with a similar situation, and try to push a friend to stop making trumpet sounds. Imagine how an elephant snores its powerful trunk, even if a person is capable of rolling thunder.

We are pushing and kicking

Opening free snoring games, you will see that forest animals have already reached the extreme point, and are ready to sacrifice their own health, just to stop this torture by snoring. An owl, for example, was the first to lose patience, and simply threw her head down on an elephant to wake her. It does not matter if, at the same time, she herself fell into a cliff, but the other inhabitants of the forest will appreciate her deed.

However, this was not the case, and on the second level we see that the elephant again fell into a sound, healthy sleep, turning on its siren. The owl again decides to resort to the tried and tested method, and a piglet joins it. After listening to elephant snoring for days, he, too, was not sorry to sacrifice his life. Snoring games online

Further you will see that a zebra has joined them, and if you look closely, her nervous eye tick has already begun at certain moments begins to twitch. She jumps well, and when the pig is once again rolling to wake the elephant, click on the zebra, and it will free the road.

U cows, which appears later, with the eyes of all going on something unimaginable. Apparently, her patience, too, came to an end, and little was left to finally go crazy. She falls on an elephant herself, and then uses giraffes, like pins, to push apart a sleepy friend. The animals act alone, but often cooperate to work together to deliver a stronger blow to the elephant.

  • Sova and zebra are mainly initiated, pushing others to start the wake-up chain
  • Hedgehog and burenka core, pushed by friends, and most often are the final link
  • Giraffes and other animal auxiliary elements, connecting links, providing interaction

Snoring games online These snoring games are available online for free, so having fun will be especially nice. Look for new opportunities with the heroes, ways of contact, to clearly work out and complete the mission. You will be in different conditions: in summer, in winter and even go to the prehistoric period to calm the mammoth snore. Parrots, turtles, zebras, owls and other animals do their best to push the elephant into the precipice, but he still gets out and starts his uterine song again. Play Snoring Games for kids, helping forest dwellers interrupt their friend's snoring.

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