Galactic Gems games

Galactic Gems games

Bright, sparkling and exciting in the vast space free Galactic Gems games are now in front of you. They can be enjoyed if you play online, exploring all the proposed parts. This is a classic version of"three in a row,"in which elements on the field are gems. As usual in these toys, it is necessary to pass the levels, overcoming the obstacles, which all become more complicated. If at first to perform tasks simply, soon it will change, and the pursuit of jewelry will turn into a real adventure, which will give the process a spirit of adventurism, capturing the sky-high distances.
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Logical Galactic Gems games

Galactic Gems games online The universe contains many mysteries that are not accessible to human understanding. Galactic Gems games will unlock the secrets of substances that can carry living creatures to different planets. The right combination of elements will create a super-powerful source of energy, through which travel will become available in the virtual world. Galactic Gems games online

Users will be able to play galactic gems to collect and compose groups of them, only by releasing the entire field and filling the tanks with fuel can be transferred to another point of space and there to continue the adventure. The game is released in three parts, so after passing all the levels of one part suggested by the developers, you can immediately proceed to the next one.

Gran of puzzles from the series of three in a row has many fans. The essence of the process is to collect the same elements in groups vertically or horizontally, only so they can disappear, all other stones move to the bottom of the playing field, and new ones will appear from above. Charge the batteries in all three parts, you can only collect the substance from the cells of the playing field, and for this you need to remove the same crystals.

In the games, the galactic gems to play for free will work both in children and adults. They are publicly available and you do not need to go through the registration process. You just need to wait a couple of seconds while the application loads.

Game process in Galactic Gems games

Before users in the first part of the game, after the download, the menu will open. On the main screen, you can immediately press the Play button, and you can adjust the sound effects and music. The first version will please 40 levels, as you progress through the tasks will be more difficult. In this universe, the main form of energy is a gray matter, as players collect combinations of colored stones, the battery on the left is filled with energy. The crystals themselves have different shapes and colors:

  • Yellow and silvery hexagonal shapes;
  • Blue and orange triangular;
  • Red in the form of squares;

Galactic Gems games online If the player succeeds in composing a combination of more than three identical items, bonus items appear. Four in a row provide a bomb that explodes releasing all neighboring cells, five or more enable to clean the entire row or field by one lane in all directions. If the crystal is lit up, then it can be combined with the same and from the entire game space elements of this type are removed.

V Galactic gems to play online like children and adults, relax and relax in front of the monitor, take your mind off everyday worries. Games are not just entertainment, similar puzzles develop logical thinking, since users are required to make a strategy and calculate all the steps in order to achieve victory in the level. Attention is also an important skill for a successful game, there are quite a few elements on the field, one careless move can destroy a winning combination.

The second part and the Galactic Gems games 3 are similar to the first. In them, players can travel through space and explore new planets, only this will take a lot of energy. There is no time counting in any part, users will be able to think over the moves as much as they wish. For each composed combination are awarded points, the more groups consist of four, five or more crystals, the more points the player receives. The level is considered lost if there are no more moves left on the field, but this situation is not hopeless, you can always start again.

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