Red Remover Blast games

Red Remover Blast games

Free Red Remover Blast games, it is a variant of logical fun. Simplicity of control allows you to play immediately, without having previously studied the game manipulations. Mouse can be pressed at any end of the playing field, and a click there will occur a small explosion. This explosion needs to throw red bricks off the platform - only they react to the firestorm. Besides them, other figures are lined up on the platform: circles, rectangles, squares. All must leave the site, and only the green rectangles remain. Observe these simple conditions and celebrate the victory.
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Fun Red Remover Blast games

Produce entertainment applications designed for specific audiences. They can be designed for adults or children. Blow up the red bricks will be enjoyed by all generations, it will be interesting for them to play with children for the development of logical and spatial thinking and adults in order to have a good rest and escape from everyday worries in their free time. Red Remover Blast games online

Users who prefer puzzles will appreciate all parts of Red Remover Blast games. The main task in them is thus to destroy the structure of funny multi-colored blocks so that nothing remains, or it is necessary to remove only cubes of the same color. You can accomplish your goals in various ways. The main thing:

  • Plan your steps well;
  • Find the weaknesses of the structure;
  • Rightly calculate the flight paths of all the details;
  • Make sure that the details of the green color remain on the playing field.

Red Remover Blast games at first glance seem simple, but the further the user moves through the levels, the harder it will be to find the right moves. Elements can be magnetised to others, be so heavy that they cannot be moved with a single blow or explosion. If the player failed to cope with the goal from the first time, you can always start to pass the level from the beginning.

Not one part does not have to download, they all run online in a browser window. The whole series of games is completely free, parents can not worry that the child will inadvertently make a purchase. Register to run the application is not necessary.

Process and tasks in the Red Remover Blast games

Red Remover Blast games online The developers have created the first part of the Red Remover Blast games with believable effects of explosions. By clicking the left mouse button on any part of the block, the shock wave causes it to move along a given trajectory. Players need to perform certain tasks at each level, for example, to push all geometric shapes of red color or make the red blocks fly apart, while the green ones remain. At some levels, it is impossible to simply undermine the block, it is large, and therefore heavy, and it can only be moved by pushing the same-sized element. Red Remover Blast games online

The following parts of the Red Remover Blast games are somewhat different, they already have no explosions. Figures with a diagonal stripe can be removed by clicking on them with the mouse and depending on the obstacles or obstacles placed on the playing field, the bricks fall or move. With each level, the puzzles become more and more difficult, sometimes you need to perform all the actions in a strictly defined order, having well thought through the strategy of each click and carefully calculating the time if the details are already in motion. On the playing field there are figures of various types round can roll on inclined surfaces, the square is steady, and rectangular beams serve as bridges or rails for movement.

Game Red Movement from the same series, but more dynamic. Structures are located on the screen, they can fly away to the left side if the balance is broken, due to which they are held. As in the previous versions, you must either keep the green object on the field, or remove all the red ones and clean the space.

In the main menu of each part of the game there is a transition to the function of the designer. Users can independently invent new levels arranging blocks and other figures. When designs are fully prepared from you can experience the game. This feature allows you to play together or in a larger group of friends by solving puzzles in turns.

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