Destruction games

Destruction games

lovers to break, crush, destroy, are invited to play free online games destruction. Mom and words can say, if you destroy the whole city, to derail a train or blow up the airport. Enough to mock his toys by unscrewing the wheels of cars and taking his foot teddy leverets. In the virtual world is much more fun to do this, because there are large-scale destruction. For starters, you can shoot a slingshot on the windows – so to warm up. Next, put a bomb in the building or direct laser system in space and maybe you will be able to knock down a couple of satellites.

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Destruction by Category:

Destruction games Game destruction – to break, not to build

Breaking may be chaotic, but you can turn it into an art, requiring an approach wizard. How to destroy a skyscraper, so it does not damage neighboring buildings? To do this, invite experts who are studying the design of the structure and terms are to lay explosives, to direct obstruction to the center. The house is like a folded inward, breaking up into blocks like the designer. Devastating game in their stories offer repeat this trick as closely as possible to the wall formed in order. To do this, you use the provided tools and explosives. After working out, you will become a pro scrapping.

According to this principle creates a logical online toy where you have to free the object from prison. Only the correct calculation of manipulation and dexterity help pass the level. Playing in several stages become increasingly complex, pushing more intricate versions of the buildings.

You have to release the torture chamber of the tank, destroy blocks of fruit, shoot down box cores coins crashing matchbox houses, experience design engineers.

Destroy everything you see!


You are waiting for the war, where there is always something explodes and collapses. To smoke the enemy out of the castle, it can take a long time to besiege and starve the inhabitants, but it is possible to fill the core of a gun and shoot at him. A few successful hits, and you will sweep away completely strengthening.

Ninja entered the courage and now sweep away everything in their path, waving swords and shuriken throwing. Can be devastating even kick aimed at the weak point padogi.

aliens are not big trouble, when he will meet the real heroes. Let's destroy their boats and catch every comer, after covering it with logs and stones. You just need a good aim to shell landed in the right place facilities.

Destruction games Destruction games Wizards everything is not useful, and when you notice that the plot woven against you, do not wait for a magic stroke, and lunges first. Destroy as monsters – We do not need bloodthirsty zombaki. And when you're done with them, put things in order among the supernatural forces. Who will win: hell or heaven?

The Revenge of these animals

Games online destruction of the enemy zavedut you on the territory of the evil birds. Once it was the most common birds are harmless, but when the pig began to destroy their nests, they decided to take revenge. Now they have become projectiles capable of sweeping away the house of any material, built pig.

Next Your mission takes place in the prehistoric period. Ancient shark & ​​ndash; Megalodon, in their murderous, destructive force capable of destroying everyone and everything around. It is a light snack of a huge dinosaur, to be standing nearby.

In our time, too, there are animals, presumably extinct. Once scientists revived the fish-killer, and she broke into a pond. Now it shall not
  escape – vacationers come across it on the tooth and destroy the ship for her, as entertainment.

Liven up the game about the destruction and Tyrannosaurus Rex. Now he goes to New York, sweeping his tail or paws skyscrapers, crushing cars kicking, pulling poles and trees. Cute kitten also seems a real disaster if left unattended. In order to reach the target point, he jumps during his break lamp will turn pot, tear the curtain and wallpaper, reset tv, scattered the books.

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