Canterlot Siege games

Canterlot Siege games

Canterlot Siege games, this is a fabulous version of tower defense for girls. Magic ponies from the cartoon "Friendship is a miracle" have quarreled, and now there is a war between them. Armed with colored crystals, sweet pastries and magic, some attack, others protect their castle. To win the battle, you need to place your brave horses along the path, taking into account their talents. Characteristics can be improved, and the horses to buy and sell. Managing them is easy - just click the mouse, distributing tasks. Try yourself as a general, and try to repel all waves of enemy attacks.
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Canterlot Siege games: protect your castle

We are of the opinion that only boys are interested in battles. But look what the plot of the Canterlot Siege gamesoffers, and you can wipe your nose on any one. This is the classic "tower defense" direction, but instead of robots and monsters on the field, fabulous ponies from the cartoon "Friendship is a miracle" are fighting Yes, and the fight will not be grenades and axes, and cupcakes and magic. Canterlot Siege games online

It is not known how it happened, and when it happened, but the girls and boys changed places. Now girls have become a strong half of humanity, demonstrating their willingness to build, protect and mine. That's why more and more gaming products appear, like the Canterlot Siege games, where you can hone tactics, gain experience in battles, temper the psyche.

Strategy Canterlot Siege games

Ponies coming from fabulous Equestria will fight. But just something happened, and now they are divided into two warring camps. Get ready to repel up to 30 enemy attacks, defending Canterlot. Arrange the subordinate stallions on the points so that everyone can stop part of the enemy squad. Do not allow the penetration of the enemy through the barrier, otherwise you will lose the battle and war.

  • Mouse controls the action
  • "P" stops movement
  • "M" switches music

Canterlot Siege games online At the bottom of the screen you will see a counter indicating the beginning of the next attack. Prior to this, you need to have time to prepare to meet the dark pony fully armed. To do this, use the available 125 bits to buy small horses, and then place them in the perimeter. Now go to the menu of the Canterlot Siege game, and see which of the skills you would like to improve. If you feel that you are ready to take the fight, you can not wait until the timer gives a signal to action, and click Next Wave (Call). Thus, you save time by getting bits for it, which you can then use to improve the ponies or introduce new ones to the field even during their battle. Canterlot Siege games online

Changing the positions of the horses after the start of the battle will not work, but you can remove some to return back part of the gold spent. To do this, click the return button located on the bottom right of the screen. The amount received depends on how well the stallion was pumped.

There is another useful Call Next Wave button. If you hover your mouse on it, you will see the characteristics of the warriors: how quickly they lose health, what their victory is worth, the speed of movement along the war path and others.

After passing through the main part of the Canterlot Siege games, you will see a bonus level at which you will meet with the main boss. You will also get a friendship orbital cannon. To activate it, you need 200 coins. Then it can do 10,000 damage, after which it will take a little time to recover.

Main warriors

While exploring the possibilities of playing the Canterlot Siege, buy different ponies, as each has his own unique talent.

  • Rarity uses jewels as a weapon, throwing them at the enemy. After such a defeat, he cannot come to his senses for a long time.
  • Tvailight Sparkle is quite an expensive warrior. From a distance, she hurls magical fire at the enemy.
  • Rainbow Dash generates a tornado, directing it directly over a long distance. All who are on his line are damaged, although not serious.
  • Fluttershy is able to slow the enemy if he is close enough to him.
  • Epplejack works in melee attack, hitting enemy ponies with hooves, causing moderate damage.
  • Pinki Pie from a close distance aptly throws muffins.
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