Defense games

Defense games

We invite you to play free online games Defence, where the castle, kingdom, field, or the planet infield committed malicious attack enemies. They attack with the certainty that you will not be able to protect themselves. But we will arm you with modern weapons, a fantastic arsenal of the future, and even vegetables and stones, if required. Defend against hostile knights of the Order, aliens, monsters, goblins. Sometimes, peas, cherry tomatoes and quite amiss to stop the hordes of zombies. And to protect the tower expose the guard at their tops, and cracking down on monsters or laser leaden rain.

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defense game – for this Strategy

Defense games We used to play games, where the main task – attack. But if there is an attacker, then, there is one that is forced to defend. In the military, there is nothing worthy of attention and all the tactics necessary to sharpen diligently, leading to automaticity, so that in case the situation changes quickly spend castling, changing attitudes and demeanor. Flash games defense free hold lessons CWP, scoring players in different conditions and putting before them unique challenges. Military themes particularly rich on various proposals and will defend:

  • tanks,  
  • planes,  
  • Navy.

Defense games In general, by all available means in the war. From the air, you are attacked by enemy fighters and need to shoot them down before they start bombing strategic targets. Submarines violate the boundaries of your treatment and seek a landing on the land, but if you're alert and a good strategist, you will be able to stop the aggressor.

But not all online flash defense games are associated with classical war. You can keep the protection of the borders of your own home, fighting off a zombie invasion using vegetable crops by planting them in his yard. For example, the game « Plants vs Zombies », is a prime example of such resistance. This gameplay already conquered many gamers and won fame as the most interesting toys lately. During the course of events you need to plant currently available plants that they have not given the walking dead grab your possession. Beginning gorohostrela gradually you get to your submission and other fruits and vegetables that have been injurious.

Favorite characters are included in the game

Defense games Games online defense may also include a series of well-known games, for example, about the bear snowballs. In the version of « Fish Watch » you need to help him and his friends to defend against their catch voracious cats who got into the habit to carry their fish. In the Middle Ages armies of different countries and cities all the time attacked each other, and the other side was forced to defend himself. We can not say that the victim was always weak attack. Even with a smaller army can defeat the enemy, using the strategic cunning, logic, and geographical conditions. War – it is not necessarily mass slaughter and competent leader knows it. Choosing free medieval defense games, you have a whole new way of war, where there are no firearms, and fights often occur in close proximity to the enemy, seeing his eyes.

The theme of fantasy also has its confrontation and forest, the air, water and underground inhabitants always find out the relationship with magic and sorcery. Use

  • wands
  • spells
  • The energy clots
  • staffs
  • enchanted artifacts  
  • magic Minerals  

It is more interesting than guns and cannons. During the game Tower Defense you have to defend their territory using any means, including such minerals, putting them at the top of the tower. When an enemy approaches, minerals destroy it within a radius of its action and is a separate unit to break beyond his reach, the effective date of the new mineral. The word « protection » It has covered a variety of options for gameplay. There is fun for all ages, and even young gamers will defend the nest trees and honeycomb from attack.

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