Jim loves Mary games

Jim loves Mary games

It's great when you have such great fun games like Jim loves Mary games that let you play for free A wonderful platformer is permeated with romance, and players need to help the heroes meet at each level. To do this, collect hearts and overcome obstacles, which is becoming more and more. Aggressive relatives are also hindering, and this is an additional obstacle in the way of lovers. But to be agile and purposeful, not a single trap will stop. Jump higher, use ingenuity to activate elevators, move drawers, but hug a loved one.
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Romantic Jim loves Mary games

Jim loves Mary games online Love stories always arouse spiritual awe. It is believed that only girls love romance, but boys are also prone to it, although they are embarrassed to admit it. Jim loves Mary games will allow them to become real Romeo, and reunite with his Juliet in the vast virtual world.

Before you unfolds a real drama. The couple in love did not find understanding with relatives, and is forced to hide the outbreak of feelings. But is it possible to hide a dreamy look and a minute-by-minute sigh from an experienced mother's eye? Naturally, when she saw what was going on with her daughter, a formidable woman took a rolling pin and threatened her not to dare to think about love.

But where have you seen young people obey their parents, especially when it comes to high feelings? Here and our heroes did not adhere to the ban, and secretly meet. And you will become Cupid, and in every way will help the hearts to connect, playing games for two. Jim loves Mary games.

In search of happiness

Connect in close embraces here is the dream of our heroes. But to do this, they face a difficult test. Every time Mary and Jim have a date, they come up with a secluded place where no one would find them. To get there, you have to overcome various obstacles in the form of walls, boxes and other objects. Only it is unlikely to serve as a serious exam in front of a large and bright feeling.

If only soulless objects stood between them. But no, the girl's mother every time inexplicably learns about the planned date, and pursues a good-for-nothing daughter, trying to stop her. However, she is determined to be decisive, and will do everything only to connect with her beloved, even if she has to jump over her head.

Actually, the heroes will have to deal with this throughout all levels.

  • Jump to the platforms
  • Move the drawers
  • Avoid clashes with other characters
  • Collect hearts

Jim loves Mary games online If your mother with a rolling pin inspires you with fear, then get ready for a new meeting with Brother Mary. He shares the opinion of the family that it is still too early for the sister to think about kissing, and therefore tries to ward off the groom. He armed himself with a pitchfork, and while Mother patrols the area below, he occupied the middle floor, waiting for Jim to stumble and fall right into his hands. Jim loves Mary games online

It is good that your opponents cannot jump after you, but only roam on their plot, allowing you to jump over their heads. Actually, in the storyline of the game, Jim loves Mary, only the young man does this. It is he who has good jumping ability, but Mary is left with a more passive role to move the boxes, climb them and jump on the other side from the barrier. In order to unite, lovers must pick up three hearts at each level, and only in this case victory will be theirs.

Soon moving ones will be added to ordinary platforms, and sharp spikes will grow downwards. Apparently, the relatives will not calm down until the youth are separated, and there are still many life-threatening notions in their arsenal. With each level of free games, Jim loves Mary, throws new traps, and it's harder for heroes to meet. Soon you will need to perform complex combinations of actions by pressing buttons, launching platforms, removing boxes and jumping traps. At these levels, you can not even see more angry relatives. Apparently, they are busy building new structures with obstacles.

Romantic plot of an online Jim loves Mary games, this is a fascinating platformer. Go through to the end, and find out what ended the love story of a cute couple. But it seems that everything will be fine, because you have been helping them all this time.

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