Dr. Dimensionpants games

Dr. Dimensionpants games

Want to see how they become superheroes? Then open for free Dr. Dimensionpants games, and you can play flying games, searches and other popular genre directions. You will meet the boy Kyle, who unexpectedly received miracle power, just wearing the pants found. But when the antihero Cortes discovered about his incredible discovery, he wanted to select the magical thing. With her help, he would do evil by offending people. However, his cunning plans did not come true, because Dr. Dimensionpants is on guard of order, and is ready at any moment to arrive at the place where his help is needed.
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Is it really Dr. Dimensionpants games?

Canadian animated series "Dr. Dimensionpants ", which began filming in 2014 at the studio DNX Media, paved the way for its computer followers. After watching the funny, fantastic and with a touch of humor cartoon, players can immediately start playing Dr. Dimensionpants. Like the animated version, virtual entertainment is designed for the younger generation, and therefore before them exclusively positive products. Dr. Dimensionpants games

V them pleasant music, the opportunity to learn a lot of useful and new. Being spectators or guimers, the kids enjoy watching the adventures of the characters and take part in them themselves.

Turning a boy into a superhero

Dr. Dimensionpants games We present to you Kyle Lipton. He lives in the town of Ganderville, where nothing remarkable has ever happened. Kyle loved to communicate with friends, went to school, sometimes quarreled with his sister. In general, his life flowed measuredly, and nothing special was different. But once he found interesting pants. At first, he did not understand how they liked him, but when incredible things began to happen, they realized that they had drawn him on purpose. Their peculiarity was in super-power, which they gave to their owner.

It was worth putting them on as the person became incredibly fast, strong and agile. Nobody could cope with such a superhero, except a supervillain. And if there is a positive character, wait beside the villain. So it happened this time. Dressing up in magical clothes, Kyle from an ordinary schoolboy turns into a Dr. Dimensionpants, and goes to rescue the citizens. Rumors about him, and residents are waiting for help from a superhero, should they face trouble.

He recognized the treacherous Cortez about fantastic pants. He wanted to get them. Just imagine what troubles this villain will do, having received magical powers Between Kyle and Cortez begins the confrontation. The enemy will not calm down until he removes the fair superhero Dr. Dimensionpants from the road and takes possession of his thing. U cunning opponent has assistants who help him realize his plan. You take the side of a positive hero by opening the Dr. Chudobryuchkin games to resist evil intent.

Start your heroic tricks

Rubrica, in which you were, contains fun, belonging to different directions:

  • Memory Cards
  • Flying squads
  • Finding Differences
  • We observe hygiene

All the games that Dr. Dimensionpants offer are available for free. You can immediately run any toy without registration. With the hero will not just go to a rapid flight in his flying supersonic machine. On it, he manages to get to any corner of Gandervil, and to help its inhabitants, caught in the paws of the villain. Dr. Dimensionpants games

Besides the plane, Dr. Dimensionpants is able to fly just like that, wearing his magic raincoat. That's just in the air a lot of different obstacles that are best avoided. Let it be just balloons, but there may be poisoned air in them, slowing down the movement. You do not want to be late for the rescue operation? After such an active day it is not surprising that the hero was all dirty.

But it does not matter, because he has a shower, under which he will quickly wash away all the dirt. Use different brushes and soap means to Dr. Dimensionpants soon returned to service. Returning the old purity and freshness, complete the quest Dr. Dimensionpants games to search for the same pictures. This is useful to strengthen the memory, because in addition to strength and dexterity, the hero must also develop mental abilities. Together you will become a united and invincible team.

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