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Boys will love Kubo games. The legend of the samurai. They are presented for free, and everyone can play online, accompanying the hero in his dangerous adventures. You have to fight with numerous enemies who captured the village boy. Only constant training will help him become an invincible warrior. But besides this, do not miss the opportunity to pick a young man a new outfit, as well as hone talents. Memorize and repeat musical sounds, look for extra elements and differences in the pictures. Become courageous, clever and observant, and then destroy all the evil demons.
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What boys like Kubo games love. The legend of the samurai

In their fantasies, the boys see themselves as brave warriors, agile and quick, cunning and quirky. No one can win them, everyone is afraid and respected. But some not only dream, but try to bring it to life through hard workouts. Every free minute they give to hone the skill of battle, temper the character and improve movement, endurance and endurance. About such a persistent young man will tell the game Kubo. The legend of the samurai. Kubo games online

Opening them, you seem to reincarnate into him, so that you can become a novice warrior for a while. Great feats are still ahead, but already there is considerable potential. In addition, where there is a positive hero, there is necessarily a negative one, living in order to spoil the existence of others.

Cubo. The legend of the samurai game offers to fight with the enemies of the leading character, in order to restore justice. It can be both hand-to-hand fight, and fight by means of logic. Only the most trained fighter will win, proving his superiority. But for this, it is necessary to enter the rubric more often in order to work again and again on movements and other talents.

Meet the Kubo

Kubo games online Kubo boy living in Japan in those ancient times, when people were still visited by evil and good spirits. Of the relatives, the young man had only his mother, but he had never seen his father, although he was sure that he had disappeared, bravely fighting with ferocious beasts. However, there were too many of them, and the father, though he was a brave and great warrior, could not resist their hordes.

Kubo was growing up, playing with the guys, doing various things, but once he noticed that something strange was happening in his village. Evil demons from ancient legends began to appear. Frightened by them, the boy rushed to run away, but other creatures appeared on his way, and explained that they could help him to resist evil spirits. The prospect of becoming the same legendary samurai as his father liked the boy, but first you need to find family armor.

He goes on a long journey, and ahead of him are waiting for trials and dangerous adventures. The young man will have to grow up quickly, forgetting about children's fears and whims, to train a lot to give a fitting rebuff to the monsters. Only by driving them back to his lair will he return peace and prosperity to the village.

Train and win by playing Kubo games

Opening the game Kubo. The legend of the samurai, you plunge into the mysterious world where the enemy can be defeated with the help of sword and magic. Among the gaming products you are waiting for:

  • Fighting
  • Music
  • Iskalki
  • Dressing Equipment
  • At attention

Kubo games online As you can see, not only fights with the enemy are prepared for your entertainment, but also an opportunity to improve other qualities. Remember that there is nothing useless, because training consists of different exercises. A real samurai should be agile, fast, resilient, focused, observant and courageous, and also have an impeccable memory.

One of the tasks of Kubo. The legend of the samurai game will listen to the melody, and repeat it by clicking on the notes. Just remember, what musical signs participated in it, and will reproduce.

At another time, look closely at the pictures, and find out how they differ. Having coped with this exercise, try to find the letters of the alphabet hidden in the image. Some missions require not only correct, but also quick execution, and therefore the timer counts the released minutes. Only by keeping cool, like a real oriental warrior, will you be able to pass them successfully. Do not be upset if it does not come out the first time, because there is an opportunity to replay, improving the result.

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